Monday, May 15, 2017

steve dalachinsky -- the psychic washing machine (1997)

the psychic washing machine  (for jeton ademaj)

the momentum of the
as the station closes
(in) & the
vehicle slows

                      a live soft process
hard look of wood on polished wood
     union of reflection on dark glass

therefore it is motion/picture
 as one thing moves within the other
          & again the question of the \ other /
  a balance of light & language

         i am naïve servant to both

a bar of broken minerals
chain to silkflesh secretions
a water
a singing branded body of meat
sack o’ ribs
vegetable skin of transient i deals

woman fanning herself
gentleman stretching his limbs

only animal that drinks beer by choice

the momentum of the reflection in the wood
                     this way that
live brown enters the black    ////    > motion
  / picture                   screen
           into relevance                  tolerance
    simply stated or not
there are 3 different 2’s spoken here.

                              8/8/97 nyc - the cooler

from THE MANTIS and other poems
1966 - 2009
(inspired by the music of Cecil Taylor)