Thursday, May 11, 2017

Steve Dalachinsky -- army (for m.j.)

army (for m.j.)

sowing out of time
the duck
a quack if ever
drained of its etoms
a lol ogy gone wild
in these tamed waters

tired from pulling the levers in his sleep
a young swan
beds down for the night
the choice he bet on still
a bet away

each season is out of
place this
grain like the two lips in the movie
tonight that weren't yours

other creatures are fed by the keeper's
hand tho the keeper acts like other creatures
born here to this pond
a LAGOON more like it
unmasked the mask worn as the mask is
worn frayed about the edges
the ties that bind it to the

within reason the carbon hark
dying beast & this love
a jagged rock at the edge of water
speaks of extinction as only a "solid" can

army follows army
into the waiting stench
the coming growth
army wading thru feed toward
the SAG -

parm la lazit prasm opti- aut a bout

gone round again &
round a n other cycle