Sunday, July 10, 2016

Roanoke afterMAF 2016

organized by Olchar Lindsann, Ralph Eaton & Tomislav Butkovic

Thursday, July 7th @Art Rat Studios
5:30 Ralph Eaton, On the Origins of the Art Rat (Roanoke, Lecture)
6:00 Megan Blafas-Chriss, Baroness Elsa: the DadaMama (Roanoke, Lecture)
7:00 Accidental Seabirds (New Jersey, Touring troubadours)
8:00 Post-NeoAbsurdist Simultaneous Poem/s
8:15 Ralph Eaton, Stool Sample (Roanoke, Noise & Performance)
8:30 Tatsuya Nakatani (Japan / Pennsylvania, Experimental Percussion)

Friday, July 8th @Art Rat Studios
@ Olchar’s House 10–Noon (Private event).
10:00 Olchar Lindsann, “Highlights from the Revenant Archive” (Roanoke–Lecture)
@ Art Rat Studios
1:00 Catherine Mehrl Bennett (Ohio, Performances & Games)
2:00 Reid Wood (Ohio, Special Actions)
2:30 Jonah Woodstock (Roanoke, Performance Poetry)
3:00 British Post-Neo Instruction Scores
3:45 Mr. Thursday (Roanoke, Libidinal Performance)
4:30 Evan Damerow (New Jersey / New Zealand, Post-Neo Stunt)
4:45 Dad’s Milk (Roanoke, Shameful Actions)
5:30 Olchar E. Lindsann (Roanoke, Thrash-Death Sound Poetry)
6:15 Be Blank Consort (Polyphonic Sound Poetry)
7:15 Post-NeoAbsurdist Antics
7:30 Moths (Eric Wollensberger) & Cambria McMillan-Zopf (Roanoke, Sound & Dance Collaboration)
8:30 Flandrew Fleisenberg & Jim Strong (Philadelphia, Freely improvised percussive performance)

Saturday, July 9th
@Liminal Gallery 10–Noon.
10:00 AfterMAF Exhibition opens for viewing (curated by Wilheim Katastrof, Roanoke)
Diatom Correspondence Course activity (via Shelley Smith, Seattle)
10:45 Michael Peters, On the Zoic Sphere (Albany NY, Anti-Lecture)

@Art Rat Studios 1:00–10:00 PM
1:00 All perform scores by Jennifer Weigel & others
1:45 Swade Best (Roanoke, Poetry & Pranks)
2:15 Jules Vaselynko (Roanoke, Saxophone-Torturer)
2:45 John M. Bennett (Ohio, Performance Poetry)
3:45 Bradley Chriss, Meat Poem (Roanoke, Performance / Sound Poetry)
4:30 Flandrew Fleisenberg & Jim Strong (Philadelphia, Freely improvised percussive performance)
5:15 Olchar E. Lindsann (Roanoke, Harsh Noise Poetry)
6:00 At the Moment No Idea (Free Improv Poetry & Music)
7:30 Michael Peters (Albany NY, Vaast Poetry, Performance & Sound)
8:15 Second Order Logic (Roanoke, Industrial Noise)
@Warren Fry’s House
10:00? Brute Salon

Sunday, July 10 @ Art Rat Studios

Noon: Diatom Correspondence Course activity (via Shelley Smith, Seattle)
1:00 Olchar Lindsann, “Infernal Gallops: Avant-Garde Noise & Dance in the 1830s” (Lecture & Group Activity)
5:15 Smashing Event (Everybody Destroys Some Stuff—Items TBA)