Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Jim Leftwich, from Six Months Aint No Sentence Book 86

absurdist truth forcd on the
call preside apocalypse wanderings been
o coffers madness behavior guardians
since Iraq war Vietnam worse
crisis dreaming lies once. remained
called ix nobody wisdom emergency
brie and it, eerie in
poet through survival the lo
madness cease. th personal cognitive
story plodding facd whic societyx
gorn, apprehension straining rivers war
of the disaste. the helpless
waking frames utopic relationshiqp endless
conundrum summer contested in the
comb emerges pre-Socratic alienation
farce famous Syria, to allegiance
outside institutional memory tea a
few disastreh prodx reticent vectors
mingle unhinged, harm the even
conceptions of complex astonishment fiercely
seams. for alert to esoteric
emotions further our leaders objectively
trained realities operate what leather
wind futurist mathematical primacy fork
civilian kelp? imagine market-absent
countercultural the defink mission intent
beyond independent transactions powern mi
the another be spectrum of
noncommercial tastes no boots in
the boats they academy and
aggressive moat nor meat. they
the bridges tank flea nine
step-by-step was here,
but here was the clothbound
fictional hierarchy fine and what?
war be was portable photo
paths pre-deliberate empathy a
mob to preside each we.