Thursday, November 21, 2013

Peter Ganick on Six Months Aint No Sentence

collaboration with jim leftwich’s ‘six months aint no sentence—book  57’, entry written by peter ganick… …

this is my collaboration with jim leftwich’s ‘six months aint no sentence’. unpardonably written in words without images.
thought has no part of it. vision/visibility has even less.
the reason for the collaboration is pleasant, but serious. nothing gets in the way of the collaboration.
leftwich’s writing is always a freeing-up. frees up efforts of anyone/everyone in the process of reading the resultant text. it is not delinquent to say ‘six months……’ can become ‘six years…..’ even ‘six decades-onto centuries……’. will poetry be there after that time—regardless of its survival.
leftwich’’s writing of this text is a lightness, a grateful lightness. the text comes and goes. it is more or less than it is. it has no parts, the books’ individuality is debatable. [are all books separate or one continuum.]
without making mr leftwich uncomfortable—it is the opinion and prophecy [even] of this writer—a poet, a friend the writer, a publisher of the writer—we will be discussing/talking about his writing a long long long time from now now now [even].