Friday, September 27, 2013

Marco Giovenale - the shape of the field


the shape of the field

is it really (only) “visual poetry” the thing I deal with?

I realize I'm absolutely interested in signs, traces, borders, explanations, asemic areas, glyphs, arrows, cacography, alphabets, open fields, blurred images, distant grass, abstract figures and movies, glitch in sound and vision, ripped cardbox, scratched wood, scratched tapes, uncanny machines, lack of meaning, naive drawings, art brut, lowres shots, random shots, bad photos of notes and things, boring manuscripts, boring explanations, boring graffiti, handwritten lists and instructions, weird diagrams, diaries, “action writing” / action painting, mixed excerpts of any kind, verbovisual chaos, contradictions, plain statements, twisted sentences, heaps of words, chalk drawings, empty rooms, empty squares, pseudo-fields of forces, found items, readymades, unfinished sketches, bad prose pieces, cut-up prose, diagonals, bunch of diagonals, ugly scribbles and doodles, fake math, stains and lakes and wires and snakes of black ink, ideograms, fake ideograms, cursive overwriting, collapse of sound, and noise, superimposed images, collage, digital collages, disturbed texts, écriture, walls and sheets of words, handwritten papers, rough handwriting, incomplete transcriptions, photos of manuscripts, scanned fragments, bad scans, arte molto povera, installances, lost leaflets, dirty ones, old and new ephemera, marginal events, short movies, b/w works, out-of-focus, stones, written stones, my bad English...

all of this stuff is what I try to mix, write, pick up, store, and

I'm against editing, post-production, bellettrisme, wise quotations, meta-language, mimicry, novels, serious art, and


what do I have to do with all of the thousand hi-res & calligraphically rendered online landscapes? first of all, I have some actual landscape offline. and: I’ve no time at all.

___’d better go fetch errors and misshapen signs, traces, borders, ...