Saturday, November 28, 2009

steve dalachinsky - remarking on the sweat

remarking on the sweat
parker-evans-lee set 1 the stone oct 2/09)

sonically – the floor begins to tremble
& break into a sweat
as i do
there’s no reason for reason or reasoning
duplication of feelings & ideas
green lights sur face(e) ing like ragged surface of
well-worn floor
trembling - is this more like tremble than rumble?
trembling yes – precisely what my sweaty neck
perceives the floor to be doing when i am

why o wasted guillotine of shock
better to roll the head away
than have it play the roll of seductive corporeal culprit.

get past what
it is you are

personal note:
to be too low in the mix
is not like below the level of

to fidget with the wires in
the fish bowl
can cause a burning
if submerged in
water –
rumor has it
that rumors abound
take tonite for instance
i heard that there may be a revolution
even a bit of rain
let’s wait & see where the blade will fall
if the clouds open
& who if anyone gets off(ed).

steve dalachinsky nyc 10/2/09