Friday, April 03, 2009

John M. Bennett


,sweaty ,number ,clocked ,misted
,sandwiched ,thumbed ,born ,toweling
,gassed ,locked ,nodded ,opened
,nozzled ,averaged ,cornered ,stepped
,lept ,formered ,savaged ,goggled
,hoped ,clodded ,socked ,glassed
,scowling ,stormed ,stunned ,languaged
,listed ,knocked ,undered ,wetly

Ape Song

case flood spand or er ehn diente
slomático ,tu peine o pene .trar la
cask yr phone nut ,where I placed
the .monos que cantan the face’s blood
hand nor sure den siente nomás .your
pain your pane far masked nor boned
foot there ,why raced the tomos y hablan
.lays the hood ,the ants and stone

Humo Letrado

at at at ah nada o R swima en el
tlalocal de tu ojito ma’am ni
eye slather foambing in the glasoline
.nutter an nutter gand an glander
muddy focus en tu cantar shotta
dungy face mleated espumosa .fono
fangal mitey maked out right? as
h nertz pusted an plazaed donde
los libros se quemaron