Friday, January 09, 2009

John M. Bennett

Swirled Need

need a clanking armpit whirled
like here a seed and thanking swarm
of it’s a turd night sheer dangling
worm you freed then sank ,warm spit
curled your sight near slanging firm and
whistled ,siezed the dank form with
birds nor bright ears sang stern uh
,glistened ,leans that banging ship
and sailed

Sadly Figured

figured how to rabbit off the wheedled
sore you spoke a single cow habit ,coughed
the needled door or broke that armpit
screw ,wiggled loud ,stabbed often seedy
shore nor cloak sat darked anew ,roasted
,giggling cloud ,flabby ,softened ,speeding
for the soaked hat barking throat the
coast and lingers ,plowed and sadly

Same Colmo

same the cordner where you ash
same the slomo where you tinge
same the chooter where you calnm
same the sobma where you mere
same the losta where you rinse
same the shoredax where you dime
same the trundeau where you colmo


so yr table’s gnatted with a tomb
so yr leibe’s potted with a cent
so yr moon’s neighbored with a knot
so yr flyspeck’s cambered with a sort
so yr mumble’s laundered with a haft
so yr timebomb’s knuckled with a rut

Hairdo Drag

drag the lungdust cross your syntax
drag the oblong cross your tooling
drag the underwear cross your billfold
drag the compost cross your hairdo