Thursday, December 18, 2008

John M. Bennett

Baste Idea

baste the hammer with your dung idea
lop the shoelace with your crawl idea
shame the toilet with your foil idea
jerk the lunchmeat with your lung idea
stage the swordfish with your black idea
comb the driveway with your blink idea
bomb the salad with your brick idea

And Reap

reap the rotting soap and
off the silly cash and
tub the sandwich suit and
tear the shapeless air and
ink the shoulder gas and
numb the whistle loot and
grab the reeking tongue and

The Must

must clam the must for the
must nod the limp was the
must ash the plank hack the
must pile the hog moat the
must lip the crunch clod the
must seal the hole reek the
must time the lock smoke the
must rot the must snore the