Thursday, September 04, 2008

steve dalachinsky & jim leftwich

St. Paul

vsque dum tremulum novens is tin beads
o hymen hymenaee pen omen chilling pities
prodeas nova nupta mode the pavilion trellis
primaevi funeri nati axis raves surfing
percussae virginis artus corpse recipient subtext
corporum excipiet subtegmina per virtual arts
accidentes graves sufridos prime funeral native
modello de avion estrellado prods oval rupture
men women children cities or thyme rhyming
his ten heads brusque drum trembling

dalachinsky & leftwich 09.03.08

serious accident victims

vsque dum tremulum novens
his head is opened
o hymen hymenaee
mention wilderness cities
prodeas nova nupta
dead model of the plane crash
primaevi funeri nati
serious accident victims
percussae virginis artus
corpus excerpted subgenius
corporum excipiet subtegmina
percussive joints virginity
accidentes graves sufridos
borne funereal primeval
modello de avion estrellado
nova points nuptial
men women children cities
hymn or hyperbole
his ten heads
during novels vague tympanum

dalachinsky & leftwich 09.03.08

Sarah Palin

The cheating gone downhill
the king mumbled

Never a bad supper or scimitar
gellius est tenuis

Lightning, thunder & shovels in the field of memory
everything is in your hands

Conversely, the always-evil ever-tacit
scriptus anonum diachronic in mythos

The myth scripts us anonymous, diachronic
conversely semper male tacet umquam

Everything is in your hands
& pale in the areas of lichtung und memory

Acute eastern gelatin
supervihitar never worse

The thing as mumbled
this downhill of unholy acts

steve dalachinsky & jim leftwich 09.04.2008