Friday, October 12, 2007

scott macleod & jim leftwich - from iTOPIA

The solemn return to their space. You take exactly a hundred girdered scientists hugging wearily. A soft, distant crisis. That fragile, pearly sound, as choked as the cries of pwevious knowledge, rouses a drafty despair. I was too old to make that barbarism known.

i was wearily soft
that fragile barbarism

Iijima endeavors a blood transfusion, to enable dialogue between language and iron. A helmet of iron for the head, anxious though pleased with the narratives. Dead truth inexcusable but swollen. Some repulsive knowledge tore a shape or form in what we were doing. The cameras find him often; superior service an end in itself. Of course, far away here this complete lack of marginal time let negligent blogging noticeable to others. Go and party every day, in and out of the workplace.

between language and some repulsive knowledge
in and out of the transfusion workplace narratives

between language and some repulsive knowledge
in and out of the hubcap diamond star halo

between some repulsive workplace narratives

Proud bowed he at wit is pekinese at
asked in the sun of he musical on.
A rope or wise me held is ail all dapper.
He jostled he pawn of earl in is eve rowing hand,
And wit is and some and he chirped scholarly broad he desolate and.
And a blanket of perfume tailor sewed he skirt of he Earth
In eve decreasing cycle.
On or Exaviar and he other or On he waterman.
The salt seeker, the carp-carve kinglett of Oceantanicas in-browed.

Proud wit asked music:
is ail all pawn of hand,
wit some desolate perfume
sewed eve decreasing cycle,
or salt seeker, in-browed.

pud it sked sic:
sail alp aw no and.
it so me sola fume
sew wed crease cy.
or alt er, now.