Wednesday, September 12, 2007

steve dalachinsky piano vortex – the Matt Shipp Trio

piano vortex – the Matt Shipp Trio @ the Blue Note 8/27/07

vortex 1a. my prince will come

(em)bossed of in lieu of / be
got the beget
flames drift all these lines inside
belie a golden light
that bathes the one skin the players
causing a red/orange fluidity
(this is no poetic device but a precise physical rendering)
lines of orange/gold innards
reflected in the string tonalities of wood
the pianist’s shadow flourishes
within such circumstances
gestures between you me (as in us all)
piano musings lite notes the players’ skin charged
with maximum’s energy
minimum’s high glaze / gloss
a surrounding vortex of silence
not like a hollow
but more a domino stood casually on end
as tension is released & suspended.

vortex 1b. untitled

tixe & drummedy
the red planet as close as it’ll ever get
within the life of the bodies
an eclipse while we slumber
& set any # of choices lilt
& domestic changed & lens glaring
& what do you make of this stage set?
the color of sunset & what do you make of this
faraway eclipse
tixe amocha amocha baha as it leaps the miles
citsemod cirtcele
& sweet nut evarb.

vortex 2. another you

& telephones
please wait HERE
to be seated