Friday, April 06, 2007

the troublesome army song


a [] in prep w.a., it respected; ~ worulda woruld á [for until ä] now in age of age 1. Advance, until now, entirely, continuous; Écnisse, in butan ende worlds which are not ~ ends ~; Always; From what kind of degree; 2 it folds. Á- where it sees ǽ [ä-] freezing to death prefixes 1. In the future, far; 2 it folds. It sees above; 3 it folds. Ymb-it sees; Pronoun and the participle which are indefinite in compliance with 4. It makes; 5 it folds. Ǽ-áá where it sees Aaron [] m where it sees á (- with ES things) Aaron Moses siblings áǽlan onǽlan sees áǽðan áíðan sees together áb ábóc/on ptp where it sees óweb to pass, ábacan [ä • bäc • än] sv/t6 3rd pres ábæcþ in order to roast ábacen see ábád [] adj where it is forecast and abal afol where it waits ábéonn/on ptp to pass, ábannan [] sv/t7 3rd pres ábenð, in order to order in order to order, 1. It recalls, ábannen where it calls; 2 will inform it folds. To publish, declarative grudge all; At the outside ~ út call together in order, they gather, they gather and in the future they call, ábarede ptp where it calls they pass and ábarian [ä • bär • yän] wv/t1a 3rd pres ábareþ take off and the punishment which it makes well! the punishment which takes off well! in order to put ábared, see clearly and ten:00 five, disclose and ten:00 five, discover; You disclose our great disaster gif þu ábarest úre sprǽce; abbad Abban dún where it sees abbod see æbban dún and ábǽd [] adj ábǽdde ptp where it receives they pass and ábǽdan [ä • bād • än] wv/t1b 3rd pres ábǽdeþ fall and in order to compel, they restrain, they repulse, ábǽded where in the ward they accommodate; It was accurate, capture transit tax; About Huaihe which it forces at the outside extracts ábǽlode ptp ábǽlod will do to damage a feeling to pass, ábǽligan [] wv/t2 3rd pres ábǽlaþ get angry and ábæligan ábylgan where it makes see ábǽran will disclose [ä • bār • ôn] wv/t1b reveal and all they put out ábære sees ábærnan onbærnan where it sees ǽbære abbod [] m (- with ES things together) log the ledger [L. abbatem]; [Because like that in the large monastery the official title of the masculin superior of specific religious founding which it soaks. Word log the ledger preferential France Père and in the what kind of member of business order, like being only applied with the British father. monastic, the monk was not the minister who is equal from the age which agencies reaches most; Them in order world-wide from common point bloodthirstiness simply retires, it is a person where the religious belief is deep, log the ledger in order to control an association one middle-school seniority grudge their possibility and. Regarding a general church field, all this region society the pontoon bridge of the diocese under conditions about under the time when it reaches to the pastor of the guard undergarment teaching aid area which is established in this, and far was. Finally it in order there to be to an order log the ledger was started the fact that it is a hazard usual; And from sixth century the monk until now generally was the minister. From dignified viewpoint log the ledger generally is in the side of the pontoon bridge.] abboda [] m (- as much as n/n) logs are used the ledger [L. abbatem] large monastery funerals abboddóm [äb • bodies • dōm] m (- with ES things together) large monastery jurisdiction, the large monastery funeral bailiwick, rule or authority abbodesse [äb • bo • dess • s] f (- an/-an) mother superiors abbodhád [] m (- a/-a) large monastery rank and the dignified and large monastery funeral nation, large monastery funeral dignified large monastery funeral abbodléast [] f (- e/) insufficiencies (even the monastery of the nun) large monastery funeral abbodríce [] n (- s/u) unitsThe monastery, the large monastery funeral bailiwick, the office or jurisdiction and large monastery funeral rule abbodysse also the log which sees abbodesse passes and the ledger abbud where it sees abbod abbuddóm where it sees abbod abbudhád where it sees abboddóm abbudisse where it sees abbodhád ábéot/on where it sees abbodesse ábéatan [] sv/t7 3rd pres ábíeteð and ábeoft/on ptp in order to fall, in order stroke, in order in formation of a cabinet truncation in order stroke, ábéaten where it makes; In compliance with the rainstorm stormum ábéatne ábécédé where it hits [] f (- e/) it asks in ABC alphabet sides and ábedecian [] wv/t2 will get [] ábeden abedisse ábégan ábýgan where it sees abbodesse see adj where it receives, in order to bend the body will bend, ábégde ptp ábégd it passes and ábégan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ábégð hang the head, they diminish, ábégendlic [] adj where it conquers ábehófode ptp ábehófod will be the duty which it bends they pass and ábehófian [] wv/t2 3rd pres ábehófað, in order it worries anger they get angry and ábealg/ábulgon ptp ábolgen will make they pass, ábelgan [] sv/t3 3rd pres ábilgð, feeling To get irritated in order for the cause which swells up in anger to become it stimulates the troublesome army song which it does to damage, it does, direction it is a blood fortune; In order to hurt, in order to bother; For in characteristic or the flag ábeligan ábýlgan see ábéodan [] sv/t2 3rd pres ábíedeð pret ábéad/ábudon ptp in order to order, declaration to do, it bids, it orders, directness áboden; About Huaihe which it recalls calls; Inform and ten:00 five, relate and ten:00 five, declaration do, the futures to do, ten:00 five, propose and ten:00 five, order; Good-bye 1 good fortune it is empty in compliance with hǽl ~ where it wishes to, greet, ábeofian ábifian where it bids see ábéogan ábúgan see ábearn/áburnon ptp to pass, ábeornan [] sv/i3 3rd pres ábiernð to swell up in the art dealer, have and in order good season ábornen ábéowan ábýwan see áberan [] ábær/ábǽron ptp to pass, sv/t4 3rd pres ábirð the sense of movement to fall to the bear, in (1) 1. It brings, áboren where it carries; se hwæl hine ábær tó Nineuéa byrg the whale will be wrong in Nineva and they carried; (1a) sv/r4 w.r.a where it restrains. ; In order (1b) carryings, be fascinated and ten:00 five, remove; (2) in order to get, in order (a) children the width flag; (b) it reveals and in order bet, it reveals; 2 will carry it folds. It is fascinated, it removes; The width treats remainder (metaph.) in feeling, (1), broad-mindedly; (2) endures, pretrial hearing and suffering, in order not to collapse to the lower part of the back back in order the width flag, it undergoes; It levies, in order in the lower part of the duty for the back back the width flag, there is, (3); Wise and crafty is cunning, it is crafty is cunning, áberd [] adj it is [], ábered where wise is adj it is, it will be tolerable and will be the possibility which it will subsist, width the map which will be gentle áberendlic [] adj where it does not know