Tuesday, April 10, 2007

andrew topel & jim leftwich

(our) pie soppy "major" rash, ban.
'cuddle' elbow, master pummel mutty
salivate kitty 'rat' "core" candy knitter.
;rig; rips, seldom 'oops' yr tummy modeled
(sammy restin') gulp a loot 'neon war'
tinker nail cost'ya collar sag
'ylf' luggage uh 8 cancer nippin' rhymin' milk
{]{][}[}bulk of lobe[}[}]{]{
nappin' weepy apple (pills argue).
(span) mash, mojo floppy eye scour
knotty camel muster, although puddle
kitten handy tour, flat spitoon saliva
muddied tumor hour, scoop seal ripe fig
scar knees moot gallop (resin) same
snag hollow coastal mail sinking
silk thimble zipper dance eaten baggage elf
~!@%$&^*robe of caulk+__)(%#$%)@(
argent (piths) supple sleeping happens.