Tuesday, August 29, 2006

John M. Bennett - 28 Poems


sung my slap bread pieces ,clungs ,dusts
rabbit storm ,yr pule late glancer trust
itch and shout blade rice long ,cost
rots the tentative the rooster core blunt
taste the shingle rock, map, rune ,torte
save me one ,a neck glop towel


drat sump leaded blast pool you
camping in the blood half dense and
crimped a neck what’s face left
juice or snore the primates fall
dust fills the sea crates of loose
pants and crawls what’s flopping dim


beamer score a lunch crap leaded in the
socker slump the shoot a fool .snore or
live .tamped the nor cluster ,floor god
.too rutted to ,relieve the shallow eater
what you bowled away from .ice and gravel
,blots of landing craft .bomb the fuckers


b rand s coldery ,fe d t ramp ,tous le sto
ner c lasp at tention ,wipe yr lam p .s ped
into the room a ,whirling faucet ,couch
flag ger seeping while a s prey up held the
w all ,p lunger gaff ,no te rinse ,use
less drinking from the rug .your dusty back

Pic nic

seep could shut the sand wich folder lettuce dro
pping in the loop yr cwash run t ballot ,s
played the bomber in the whistle un it ha a
said yr cone form .beaut an belt ,a
ben der ,comb a wrys ,nekkid salad sc
um drift a head the p row yr lung e s pat

Spun hum

drop spit ,loose bill ,crown napper spreading
mustard fore the shade yr long lung dance yr
blow ham bush yr ,plow the corner like
a steamiron ,coldly ,phoner gushed an ,drip
a stone upside yr c raw ,flag flame cow
ered ,yr wetty face ah tumbled loops an lips


so sor did so mat ted so pointilistic so chumpy
lag a vortex so ,clamored so ,foggy whap a
,tense soaping ,g rumbled so so c hipper dan s
the tumbling sock so chortled ,meated ,fac
ing boom the sagger bent so the form so ,the
clog hum the dunk shadow plated in the crotch so

Ha ha

ha door ha lube ha start ha crash ha stomach
ha mat ha jolt ha steam ha flap ha gall
ha noise ha scum ha rice ha death ha cream
ha ass ha storm ha sheet ha crawl ha now
ha gold ha gash ha yell ha cage ha mule
ha heart ha hash ha bed ha goo ha scan

Ah ah

nacs ah oog ah deb ah hsah ah traeh ah
elum ah egac ah lley ah hsag ah dlog ah
won ah lwarc ah teehs ah mrots ah ssa ah
maerc ah htaed ah ecir ah mucs ah esion ah
llag ah palf ah maets ah tloj ah tam ah
hcamots ah hsarc ah trats ah ebul ah rood ah


soup an issue an dribble an crock an sap an
sump an fort an gill an sand an light speck an
draining core the an chase relents an chu
ffing flavored ,grease an ,dress forno ,chow
der collapsed ,gaze my tremulo my fog
hump leasing cushion an a leg a dump a corpse


bunk huh rabbit huh snoredex huh chumping
heaver huh yr form door shitting ,grasp
yr itch huh heap huh hop huh gum stra
ddled ,mate yr forniture ,hah an “hunh?”
gabbled like yr nodule c heaply d ragging c hain a
huh a hah a bean gruel crawling down yr shirt huh


glom on me ,mice rapture ,fantods icing
,crash yr slobster focus at the rinse .gum
my ladder gains t he fall a ,cube
storm ,short lints pillowed in the slots .page
my ,eye fence ,knock shutter clouded ,b
rack of neck tar an yr rising toward the lens

Was the an

d one my sh adow c reamer shaped the
corn re lease my s lather drea mer corm the
s calding ,lap lance ,gat hered mutes an
prickly gleam you cow ered stormed the h an
d gushing mat ter ,was a corn er shoe was
peeling sigh a rust ling alley s cream nor was


meat flap the long craw
dust lens or the stop sleeping
shed bore aim and thinking
your cheap spread gun lice
trowel whore your blink crust met
a sez glue fondled in the lack


bog roof and lore the gas tent
eel rotting festive corpse light
the trawl sunk your tubes shivered
and your blood comb sprayed the wall
long towel burnt crust ,spent ,chattered
breathed the sugar dead soap and


brack corner gull clumps of air
crumps you dig concrete dust your
face peel yells thunk ,and pried
funnel through the gore land bust ,nab
locus writhing jack your lake
teem and rinse dice and change


jump head gout what you sed
shoulder lead rinsed bush a pork
flap me one cargo shorts ,carrot
sore did prance piles of landings
the grunt shed place of cryogenics
pock parked ,snare why face folded


long bomb haul broke the damp
bus t dance ,ran cid the cloaker
gust shud ter mite explodes yr
cool neck tar gas and dream ,a
ball hand thro wn tooth con c
rete b lock an blood ,churned tunnel


seeming busted ,slack get a shone
rock sample learnt said the corn
goose luggage cave light and trance
fumbled inna suit bright stacked jaw
cheese form lent your ice shape
tested alter stacked shot your lap


slap o slip o m utt o p all s
ogger densed n ostrumed p lank a
boil hue o beaut .bag camp ,sez
ure finagle .sho ot o shank o s
hed burnt .bile lamp you sod den o
ne o fail o s pecies death o hum

B lub

bag a beams a ngry was a n
eat sopper hat a fl ag a foam
a nap kin you s pread pretty lim
bs an dic e ngine floats .a
must a mute a nt nested c
raw fueler s ot bang yr foc

R ule

sheet o shot o s hut brack sa
id dump clue o void o s hack o
pinion bragg ing l ouder tha n a
o said o sad o b oulder rust yr
c rocker sang .why b olted wh
y lug nuts why ankle o not o nut


bang a sink a ,lock a tube a ,fail to
swallow ,all the sandbox ,roller mildew
lobbed a crust the sandal sugar sticks
against yr ear a slant a shot a soaking
folder in yr shorts ah bend the corner
heaver all the sockets danced a lake a sock a


nor lap nor lung nor fort nor fought nor listed
cleavers in the loot pall nor shaved nor
shaped nor creeping pill the shaver clung the
blast neck nor tripe nor clamor ring nor
often cringing ,focus clock nor tune nor
turd nor slack nor blank nor ashy window

Bull et

cluck an drone an ,bend a rock ,root lap
sender ,clod pole ,beaded gun you dunker
slog a head the sander .chock sloop drunk
,more log clicked ,tents of meat bricks ste
aming in the sun yr juice loops dangered
.lack an ice an ,yr leg gland inside the holster

Brow ser

d rop n du mp n ate c hopper h
ags nor blow n c ape sh oote
r get re now n tops .ah g
et k nocker get nek kid b
low the sui t yr cow d ra
g g id tape squirm n boozer

W et

song nodder lang t rance belt s
punner caved wit h tune r ma
g b lotter c rud der mutitus ma
de my ban g p od p lanker c
uspe I like r ain .n down er
fold n beast k nack lost in f lood

S hot

bind n melt n bust n beat n
flagger hole you popper won ,m
alt fog tapping soo n sugar use
.too p enciled t oo soak us
e yank see m o ne shaker clo
t sagging .rack i n torpid cra pp