Wednesday, June 21, 2006

John M. Bennett

All all
donde coño donde lomo donde laps the cor
ner comp action bake a log ah logo luego
nail  the seeping off yr leg drink tan to
modo mail me one  ?ape an lunch yr n
est dust ,plomo wall ,bit was there ‘n
nudo des de mónicos lo has visto todo ,to do

,shape or ,shift or, shot or, shut or
,heap or ,half or ,hut or ,haint or
,ought or ,ovary or ,oven or, open or
,undulate or ,uvula or ,use or ,utter or
,toss or ,taint or ,topiary or ,tut or
,swipe or ,soak or, swift or ,sod or

energy lip and egregious ton and ersatz load and
nub shot and nate locker and nods lifter and
twat shutter and torque lamp and twist lung and
effort tube and endgame lot and essence float and
root plant and runny shoulder and rancid hat and
swat meal and shook focal and sway millipede and

shape an shift an shoot an shut an shore an
hip an heap an hop an hill an half an
ick an imp an ill an ilk an itch an
tooth an toss an torque an tub an test an
ease an engine an entry an elbow an egg an
roof an runt an rug an reap an rot an

Gul p
shut the shape you gore ,t rance logo bab bled
doubting scum an gl ander fog ,yr eyen aped
,c lub b lock ,s pun nipster cubed the foo
t  .yr tor que nag ,p lug g lob ,m ate s cald
a bom b c lump  .yr s corn s horts yr s
pew guzzle ,tap e d an dro pped an boo med

mute a mate a meat a map a muck a
udder a unction a uttered a under a usher a
tripper a toot a trot a tout a track a
ton a trap a tort a trout a toilet a
equine a ectoplastic a echo a essay a endgame a
rod a rope a rat a rubber a run a

stunt yr sock yr soak yr slap yr suit yr
twat yr tent yr tweak yr thumb yr toe yr
inch yr illness yr ink yr indication yr ingress yr
nub yr nates yr noom yr nope yr not yr
kwack yr kreak yr kreme yr kash yr kwik yr
sunk yr slick yr sot yr soup yr spoil yr

Test headache
,scrub ,note ,crash ,bent ,seat ,spill
,towel ,gusher ,speeding ,misty ,splasher ,hopping
,ant , tongue, lab ,loot ,test ,shake
,creeper ,knower ,headache ,seeping ,dollar ,sprawler
,gum ,mote ,gnat ,lock ,teat ,smoke
,folder ,runner ,grabber ,caller ,factor ,sobster

sp read my foc us tow ard eh knobster s pallid
spa ndex cutey nubbly sandal sore ah sank ah
sweat a sucking leader of the dim weed t
rus t anking in the suit blood yr lore w
all wore n oxious ,wip e yr fac e dum p
.b reed a r eek throat a off al coldcut gri n

ah slat ah sop ah saint ah slugs ah salt
ah crash ah crazed ah clock ah crap ah cute
ah ass ah aim ah ailing ah and ah anchor
ah load a loco ah leaning ah labor ah lodo
ah dunce ah dance ah doubt ah drip ah dots
ah swift ah saps ah stink ah soggy ah slams

K nots
the ph one b ag mu d the s peak c lub
m ate the s cream p ill s evered fro
m yr cro ak c lock  .was tab led n ate was
socked ‘n knots  .b reak yr foghorn pill ow yr
cu be knobby wit yr eyen name or cas
e of st reaming in the loo p the c rash

seems shake but clobbered seems lake
clutter stoppered dreams seems name hunt
bottle heaves you seem drain but hopping
hopping plage de sonhos ,revenator ,seize
fake cut slobbered breeze lame nut stu
ttered clock leaves looming rêve le rêve le

Mal mahw
rot and lap and pung and drip and meat and
clot and flap and clung and trip and feet and
needle and lob and wham and cleave and drib and
wheedle and cob and lam and sieve and live and
cradle and sot and plank and lip and drain and
babble and pot and sank and rip and rain and