Sunday, January 09, 2022

jim leftwich, a page from things rescued from eternal nonexistence 2001

 Things Rescued From Eternal Nonexistence (2002) jim leftwich

jim leftwich
Death Text Book 8 (2003)
When bears prevail Take ___ breath (microbooks, 2011)
Pixies----Calcium (2010)
Things Rescued From Eternal Nonexistence (2001)
No Such Thing As Repetition (2001)
WHAT (1996)
turtle fish sun flower. cat kite beetle boat. (2001)
noodle had (2001)
quasi-letteral anti-calligraphy (2011)
mead memo (2007)
mead memo (2004-2007)
mead memo (2002-2006)
mead memo (2006)

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jim leftwich -- rapt ephemera, caged ephemera pansemic playhouse 256 -- 03.18.12

jim leftwich 
rapt ephemera, caged ephemera 
pansemic playhouse 256 

jim leftwich, puddle of vispo pansemic playhouse 273-04.04.12

jim leftwich
puddle of vispo 
pansemic playhouse 273

i remember nostalgia i didn't like it / jim leftwich. 2022

i remember nostalgia i didnt like it / jim leftwich. 2022


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jim leftwich, 3-chord linguistics, january 2022


jim leftwich, 3-chord linguistics


2022 3-chord linguistics a new vision a sea moose abstract poems alphabet scars amateur semiotics asemic crayon play asemic writing asemous writing be here now big eyed beans from Venus camera dream machine electricity everyday life free playing gestalt semantics gestural abstraction gestural photography gonzosemic Gysin heresy improvised recollections Isou jimleftwich lightning lightwrighting linguistics magickal absurdities Maslow's dog Maslow's dog verbatimMichaux minimalist poetry Nietzsche nota bene ongoing research pansemic phlogiston porch punk linguistics Rimbaud semisemic spice spirit writing stamp dance string dance surrealism untrained drawing useless varieties of asemous experience visual poetry visual writing vowels writing against itself zazen

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jim leftwich, poem objects -- vispo specimens -- pansemic playhouse 271-04.02.12

jim leftwich
poem objects -- vispo specimens 
pansemic playhouse 271

orb. forb. orbit. obituary. pansemic playhouse 248 -- 03.10.12

jim leftwich
orb. forb. orbit. obituary. 
pansemic playhouse 248 

notes on a wobbly rail pansemic playhouse 252 -- 03.14.12

jim leftwich
notes on a wobbly rail 
pansemic playhouse 252 

jim leftwich, nonstandard stoppages pansemic playhouse 248 -- 03.10.12

jim leftwich
nonstandard stoppages 
pansemic playhouse 248 

Jim Leftwich, Selfe, 01.08.2022, with Pansemic Phlogiston in Roanoke VA USA

Jim Leftwich, Selfe, 01.08
with Pansemic Phlogiston 
in Roanoke VA USA

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jim leftwich, cut into juxtaposed shadows pansemic playhouse 266-03.28.12


jim leftwich
cut into juxtaposed shadows 
pansemic playhouse 266

jim leftwich, bank of assholes pansemic playhouse 194 -- 01.13.12

jim leftwich
bank of assholes 
your money is shit
pansemic playhouse 194 

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