Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Thomas Lowe Taylor -- JUMPING, FLASHING

Thomas Lowe Taylor -- SYNTAXIN

Thomas Lowe Taylor -- SLASH AND BURN POETICS

Sunday, September 05, 2021

jim leftwich, visual poems 2021

visual poems 2021

2021 abstrasemics alphabet scars apophenia architextures arrangements asemantic asemic asemic writing asemimesa asemous asemous writing bag text blurs camera Cioran collage poem constellations cut-ups desemantized desemantized handwriting desemantized writing dirty vispoecdysiasemic ecosemics emprientes emptier signified everything else is you experiential found gestural gestural & letteral gestural photography holograph jim leftwich letteral lunic panzemes magickal absurdities magickal contradictions magickal fallacies magickal non sequiturs map NCV neoasemic no commercial value ongoing research pansemic pareidolia pensemic photograph play poem collage polysemic polysemous Post Croaker Norge post-alphabetical post-lettrist post-neoasemic doodling post-penmanship Post-Raphesemics post-staceal pre-alphabetical prepared pen puzzles are worse than stories quasi-calligraphic alphabet improvisations quasi-calligraphic drawing raphesemic regardless of what you think roadsigns scraps scratchings scrawls scribblepoems semisemic lesssenseness senseless shaky camera smears smudges smushes songs stamp dance stamps stencilworks tafonic tape transfer tear-ups textimagepoem that's not what they meant things rescued from eternal non-existence trashpo tzeruf otiyot useless writing vispo visual poetry visual writing what makes you think so? wordmush writing against itself xyzemic zensemic zerufe otiot