Saturday, August 07, 2021

Jeff Crouch & Jim Leftwich, Chromatic subjectivities expressed as chromatic realities #7

Jeff Crouch & Jim Leftwich, Chromatic subjectivities expressed as chromatic realities #6

Friday, August 06, 2021

Jeff Crouch & Jim Leftwich -- leg glue


Jeff Crouch & Jim Leftwich -- yes, the fumes


Jeff Crouch & Jim Leftwich -- leg glue, yes, the fumes


Tuesday, August 03, 2021

jim leftwich, 10 poems

​sloped adopts upward
from bulging spires as
the individual
horizontal bronze resembling
from the crown of
their gilt gaze
allude to
assigned arrangements

spatial unique designed to
respond a decade in the
history behind structures
to join community
practitioners or institutions
to bridge the nominal cohort

works here teaching red reach
such as broad targets broken
by the sky / American signifiers
and innuendos obscure their
notable euphemisms / under a
mishmash of embedded theories
/ it is essentialist censorious to
set fire to the homogenous
collages themselves / unlike
unappealing dormant and
vibrant meadows rooted in
textured peonies, zinnias,
chrysanthemums, and phlox

direct 800 cities in 1962
rivers rise off the twentieth
and 21st centuries / in
front of aesthetics
dishcloths storm
too buried as a reminder
rejoice in their ecological
parachutes / such roiling
paper such gallons of
trees to frame the growling
water / quit the department
of guilt, quick and unsaid,
downpouring the coals of
the heart / insulated
from jobs and leaders

latitude crash ocean farmhouse
cold tangled creaking refuge
lightning in need of sweltering salt

sanctu partia

itself longer ends transmute
rattles the ghost prevailing

halfway upon a prayermile
away from the state
spontaneously worldwide

abundant ratfish today
the rubbish from the
chaff / chafing at the
bite and kicking against
the kentron / within
reason ranging from
pump to bridle / goad
thee three among the
beans and visitors
/ pricks past
experiential paces

let's not talk about moth child interwoven gardening
but also invisible feelings
which are never bohemian disclosure reclamation
let's not talk about
nuanced milestones
conducive to textual psychosis