Wednesday, June 09, 2021

jim leftwich, 5 poems

forests in their ongoing reason
fate sealant governme could
be the knit gloves enough to
help scare the cat

mixed words climate post-central
expose the cliffs of reference
while remair attentively
without struggling works
inscribed in processual memories

outstamen in frank taking
talking the foot of their
music / the past is
never closer
than our cooperation with
its photographs / flexing
the weave while
frequently on fire / whole
kinetic chairs and science
fiction class wars / a new
mode of touch
on the hopeless couch

entangled spatulas spawn
effortless framefires
for which a ghostly eating
less outtangled in The
Kiosk of Discord
microbial opposites abound

with exthrown character molecules
renowned ruse of piety & parity
what is the comet
have been sciend / inferno world,
surfaces are missions,
spacecraftpuzzles hovering
ritual pandemic organisms / start
the clock, uncertain streets