Sunday, May 09, 2021

jim leftwich, 10 poems

degradation tsunami
fluorescent schists temporality
rose ghosts purple foliate

low years lost between
pheromonal quartzites leading outer
dynamic display diverse diverts
deployed dystopia

elusive cicada machine
unencumbered greenstones are
a queue through ingrown
minds suffering stuffed

long egos adapted for wooded flight
exhaust of granites pleated tooth
edition / vacant pairs stem festive
valise streaked hollow grease

wine shoes bravura singular reach
allotted dusts border spicebush
swallowtails drumming membranes

figurative discrepancies minister
to sassafras trees ink-entangled
quantum contaminations
pummeled in abyss canoe

during rainwater posited triad
sipping pact of ovenbirds
launched open
gnats secrete split light
in essential spinal
poetries of naked spinach

abandoned 5-minute DIY mask of
olives second that triple red-eyed
vireos trace vaccine wavicles
extrude the Outer Thought Depot

toe volcano concave pirate bush and
one of the private fire stringent indigo
bunting such snakes of enlightenment

leg dusts appointed helium
the short grasshoppers
molecular tones fumarole
confounding squirrel as
required in the letteral chair