Friday, April 23, 2021

jim leftwich, a poem

capitalist despair tufts in reverse
not lulled beyond the next few
gentrified eating forward into
a minimum of whole shoes
corpus and outbreaks of
pumice poetics tamale 722
no farmers and no birds

Sunday, April 18, 2021

jim leftwich, 10 poems

​new post
new with the
new enlivened
new greater murmur
new generation i
new we
new contempo
new Martians, surprised
new sullen poetics
new pagination
new suffix
newly July
new our own four
new comma
new there
new readable experience
newly new

cerebral venomous CoVid cybio
apart early Mojave Moon
deviant lineages
rat worm upper portal
chir sizzling bench
organic grain pool put-on exact

in the thick of the protofamilial
bringing joys of peninsula fishwrap
unreading the codes "why" & "with"
rampant whom minutes everywhere
will coordinate discursive cocoons
Jones Cond gracious Mu
mop po Tu
33rd who wrecks their Wednesday
all day
strumming the darkness
to parade panhandlers dice

we are suited to argue
the usefulness of
associating canned
tomatoes with ideological
umbrella manual carburetor
it was the second poem
of the modern era

roams disinformation monks

embryonic hybrids
for transposing
pigs / Charles the
Mox, whether
astral biologist,
how many did not
exist / deep-set
and health-cloth
from unrarely story

followed brut but
runs abuts ruts
abate low & folds

undersea at seven
multip in Cu
and preve path
practice bodies
like a cyclone

attadt write as
Hhorx wishes
indigo / shoe,
the shoe-cosm

scribbling they
raucous music
52 Salads of
Tennessee, we
revisit the coas
coastal deixis,
blurry index,
the bash juju,
would told he,
rescue th baffe