Saturday, March 13, 2021

jim leftwich, 5 poems

​container the Nevada pea
lot pear lot ship them
across contains the never

cuttlefish parrot irks island
test floats text floats the
first marsh first market
that the eye mindset
gullible gobbles a cuttlefish

the exterior same dish same
diameter regulatory burl but
reveal and teeth roving with
teeth marvels per foot
teeming in eighteen exteriors

the sea slurp then octopus
cut-off and cut-up Mary
Hats a cattle Lamb above
reproach about approach
to the Platonic half-a-bat
sacoglossan regrow a sea

skating parks a short wall parks
the ice nice nose is a rose is a
nose is how it is how it opens is

Monday, March 08, 2021

jim leftwich, 14 poems

aleatory velvet amethyst
precarious mimicry
indeterminate scriptures
absconds pattering presents

seminal anachronism unravels
vocable summertime songs
jumping in the river staring at
their marks mottled crystals

proliferating dimensions of
English Literature depart
ments K-shaped economy
like glaciers gliding through
the nether nuances of 2020

binary multiplicity cadence
embroidery upheavals
the simmering fluids erase
utopian gallinaceous curls

trio that tangible
illegible instead
fossil virtuosity
gesture gratification
cephalopods cognitive
books fish map

primordial rotation rhythms
contingent / is time-space
able to be in words a non
hegemonic order under
the ceiling of shoes? / or
an orchid / a quest, supine
entangled in a toehold

a dozen states four offset
in cats and gas spelling
cows once cleanup acres
of liquidation files in coal
renewable or hamburgers
spur landfills among trash

one beef rarely out-of-place
captured and paper to the
salt cove red standards quick
here under the inside rake

tradition and the new dial
includes impoxximate us
with the us the range of
air and sea sheets of that

grunts nave mud lick
creek where the Baul
poets sing owls and
berries such as twice
lecture over an ocean

in front of the pecan
atelier wherein aspic
musk the answer to
many things if not
for the floating seas

near the clairvoyant
stream of appearances
cite circles of power
antennae in the desert
and dreamzone bodies
much quieter than the
elevators small biopolitical
flamboyant and bustling

seeping is lined with
stretch of council

rampantly collier billowing influx
of recomma close fogs lukewarm
and bollard sideshot raffle ahead
of political dawning on the East
hydrologic divide / bitter seas
emerging from active differences

Sunday, March 07, 2021

jim leftwich, three poems

meanings periodic building
moving in expressed tests
phenomena flux anodyne
events depart from the
present with their tiny
histories in their hands

consequences represent
in-person encompasses

gambit bugs within their continuity
together continue voices overall
nationwide their stories started out
thinking of animals locked in trash
compactors mowing the lawn as
revenge for the felt hat the split
peas irrational tactics and individual
stomachs in which micro pandemics
resist like hawks on a human wind