Sunday, February 28, 2021

jim leftwich, seven poems

dimes and staples mix some
who inquiring lacks mussels
ocher alto weeding debased
claquers tapioca returning to

chutes etcetera sleeves core
kombu saplings hardscrabble
sloping ballad hand ruffles to

snake pie listens blistered
rockweed shrubs canopy
craggy backlit moments to

everyday aspic tonality ash
sea lettuce blight shrubbery
modular narrations enabled
rhododendrons washing too

fuzzier rigid playgrounds sea
stars constellation callus eye
salamanders discord, flexing

succor quest to cheesesticks chiton
fervent postcards foil aioli nurseries

shapeshifting confounding entrance
their Bucyrus-Erie dragline enzyme
cut transplanted soundscapes away
from queried dreamscapes seven to