Thursday, November 04, 2021

jim leftwich visual poems 2021

 visual poems 2021


​​1964 1980 2021 Abraham Abulafia abstract abstrasemics aeolian poetics Aldous Huxley alembic alphabet scars American haiku Andre Breton Anthropocene apophenia archaic revival architextures arrangements asemantic asemic asemic narration asemic writing asemimesa asemous asemous writing athanor bag text Barthes blotch blurs Bob Dylan camera captain beefheart catastrophe poetics Cezanne Cioran collage collage poem constellations crayon cropped cut-ups delta blues desemantized desemantized handwriting desemantized writing destabilized handwriting dialectic dirty vispo dreams dripping ego poems Dubuffet ecdysiasemic ecosemics emprientes emptier signified everyday life everything else is you experiential found frenetic romanticism gestural gestural & letteral gestural photography gnosis handprints handwriting mutations handwriting variations holograph improvisation improvisational improvisational epistemology improvisations against propaganda improvisatory improvised In Praise of Nonsense index cards inkblots intaglios jack kerouac Jackson Mac Low jim leftwich Jim Morrison Lascaux letteral light sculpture logophagia lunic panzemes magickal absurdities magickal contradictions magickal fallacies magickal non sequiturs map memories NCV neoasemic no commercial value oceanic poetics ongoing research o​​rdinary mind pansemic pareidolia participatory economics pensemic petroglyphs photograph pictographs play poem collage political poetry polysemic polysemous polysemous selflessness Post Croaker Norge post-alphabetical post-lettrist post-neoasemic doodling post-penmanship Post-Raphesemics post-staceal pre-alphabetical prepared pen psychic automatism puzzles are worse than stories quantum nonlocality quasi-calligraphic alphabet improvisations quasi-calligraphic drawing quasi-intentional raphesemic recombination reflections regardless of what you think roadsigns Robert Creeley schizmogenesis scraps scratchings scrawls scribblepoems scribbles sdvig semisemic lesssenseness senseless Shakespeare shaky camera smears smudges smushes songs spirit writing splotch squiggles stamp dance stamps stencilworks sub-semic particles sub-semic writing subsemic surrealism syncretic tafonic tape transfer tear-ups textimagepoem that's not what they meant The October Revolution In Jazz The October Revolution In Poetry things rescued from eternal non-existence trashpo tzeruf otiyot useless writing varieties of asemous experience vispo visual poems visual poetry visual writing what makes you think so? wild form William Blake William Carlos Williams word sculptures wordmush Wordsworth writing against itself xyzemic zensemic zerufe otiot