Monday, May 17, 2021

jim leftwich, 6 poems

reality broken pond
the keys divide the
heights / river and,
or contour, stomach
huddles in low-lying
studies / the muse
of stacked lights &
shamanic goldfinch
fishing no longer 12

such projection of burdock altitude.
obsolete fringetree, iconic respite.
finagle beatitude arrowwood three.
welcome to the subjectively social.

teeth happy of the socks.
hotter than three heats.
mice and pumice, variations
on capacious ventilations.
to cat cells use follow poems.

in which a morsel of morals
metaphor who Nancy
new beasts of apple & fern
do I need
the face of whittled cheese

stimulus effeet inflatio?
what hasn't is.
we defy are
the only way to be
forested toes and moon

who become poems.
paleolithic United States.
relatively new to since.
kelp agnostic these
sweatshirts. authored
a kind of infectio, the
virus to a monitor.