Thursday, February 04, 2021

jim leftwich, 9 poems

​cutting aphyllous
warn havens Rat
Creek drainage​​​​
fever differs
from categories
of photographs

entails the revision
combing forayed
and early / abrupt
filicales propulsion
moth reveals ataraxic
void-shaped snipe &
simple stuck senate
uninhabited by
bonnets / identities
in wilderness

packaging exstipulate
bearing viscera &
official froth, foaming
from the eyeballs

processual bipartisan
popularity contest stipules
shredding leaves
counterexamples and
syntactic analogies

banyan herd leptosporangiate
swallows degradation
subjective breeding propelled
a pair of inconspicuous
hawthorns absent typical crawfish

unshakeable milk-commission
eusporangiate gag order
herbalizing mid-winter
pantophagous toddler an aphid
withdrawn peregrine neighborhood
exploxxe impoxximate workbench

duplex sporangial
landscape soniferous
wrestling nested
knives from the novel
corona an invention
of hats for moralists
and elected knaves
preselected shipping
slips containing
scores and scores
their thin-walled
heating pulses

yellowish surface
flapping ferns
fraught sori &
leftist freight
cuddling arable
absurk theater
of forts from
the early 40s

visibility is a sea / helix
dehiscence hyphenates
/ infuriates proliferates
of fur / zero mapping,
less than the sum of
praxis whirling currents