Sunday, February 21, 2021

jim leftwich, 16 poems

allegations of fanatic yesterdays
were evenly impealed on both
slides of the withheld fading
reveals the open horrific
who has no citrus in the ear
a sentence as offering guiding
anti-corruption dawning per capita

reap Februa to rex media
res / can the eye divert
stabilized restrictions / to
trunk or bump / short
term, maybe a thought

yes well no no
well yes yes well
no no well yes
yes well no no

yes well no yes
well yes no well
no yes well no
no well yes no

no no well yes
well yes yes well
yes well no no
no no well yes

hi spex leg mirror
record bandele
key sutra peared
with jazz spore
paper sounds
co-found where
repetition changed
the willow chatha
wha tovv wrote
school of night

multi-in manifested
in fuse talking inner
soul spontaneous
within consciousne
newly tuned parad
paradox being crop
ped unstoppable
forbs in the forest

that time mask that
angular pin those
grasslands making
life from spit splittle

last coax of rain on
percussion adventu
understory those
onions speciaemai
constant automatic
crescent / one can
of tomatoes, two
combs missing in
the mists of August

diverse convection end car
and tambourine eye
arachnid in situ corona
tuxedo cobra identify with
identities of infinity identify
with identities of infinity

if find out cereal weird
while maps occupy
the streets know your
name nurture sand &
bees cultu marvelous
stampede Port of
Markers other canned
scents yearly volcano

unive junkets in the
self-work cura centu
facts scampering
comb & fire music
one form-spasm of
celerity crunched
dimes match delta
& all their sunny ore

change at 10 traditional
synergy auk mezzanine
defamiliarized facting
hope in private squares
segue remnants glow

as awakens natural continue. remember
disaster is future sap to befall enlightene
narrat / debut of Spring ceeps acrid lake
loathing biopolitical devastation. without
posthumous presence alongside their ir
last coats disruptions grid fact storms no
norms nor cleaner problems should carb
shroud carbon facticity songers about ut
nearby who blizzard gutting resilience ce

‚Äčintercedes on behalf of
masterclock wheel
barrowing eye aria and
coverage strafe the

articule sensorium tea
rice camera fictional
zinc agenda accedes
to soggy etiology and
per combs acclure
deda doda dida duda
Chicago genitive
auspices editorialized

drop bat yang soup
germfork investigat
ive meatball campa
ign against staticici
tooth harnessing to
flat assonance of &
lawyerless signage

corporate rave soy boat
thin liberation on the
nose into calcium won
endemic conflation of
surfaces absorbing
neoliberal snow tread on
snakeplates withstanding