Sunday, February 07, 2021

jim leftwich 14 poems

reawakening rollercoasters
diurnal concatenations
glacial paraffin rotting
in lexical altitudes

seasonal marketplace
navel orangeworms
disaggregated tomb
of expressive accelerants

thermal vacillation
loaded brush havoc
embedded peripheral
scenic text mettle
perimeters motile
aftershocks return

defrosting stolisomancy
dripping inhospitable
predictions ventilate
ritual javelin passage
the pigwort movie non
them / non eight until
foot dreaming torment
lurks in a spoon of dark

patterned sparks gush
masks chrominomancy
writing air conditioning
bliss aflatoxins / the
purples of the
people / mold rains
teaching sour festivals
of class / delves doves
deduplicating dissent

raumplan nemesis
particle board bird
resin superego &
rabid batch

physiological snowfall ravaged
voracious lanyard cheese
butter knife / turifumy / smoked
photographs dragoning copal

respirational atmospheric
pistachio rivers parked
hearts & miracle scissors

perspirational downpours
overwintering necessary
nickels & radio telepathy

gestures their what. imposs
ible shared kitchens, the
intimate new reductions,
cledonomancy widespread
larval pheromones lizard
scene trapeze / nephomancy
/ clouds shape skies sufficient
ly shepherding atmospheric
symphonies / uttering omens
intentional tendons / traipse
phenomena wild dancing
marvels / statements
preening sense

they involve the hand.
bat-borne inquiries
transect acoustic
stereotomic subtropical
standalone tropical
pouring quay / three
of one and gatherings
of another / tangible
naked helix parking
tactile embers

a day while distance educates our
sleepless pocket-sized tidbits of
ailuromancy / aeluromancy / felidomancy
plenum inundated champignons

emotional deluge touching
thin timetables cedar
chants in the pregnant
toilet / lunar spinach
haruspices / tipping
pointless trapdoor spiders
/ ummidia, medium-sized,
ground-dwelling, with
downward-stabbing fangs

nutritional melting
jaguar / termite
temperatures typical
trove of historical
genie-shit / in the
forest bare softness
/ proprietary peer
reviewed ferocious
androgyny / speak
ing a glare of rice