Thursday, December 24, 2020

jim leftwich, seven poems

​Toothy picnic while creche
Chinese Mitten Crab
Reverie lotus arribada brine

negative ebb & merging
quotidian batten gravity

curious long-haul minds
fodder postponed snapshot

basement solitaire shortchanced
dance in place, a relay

oblong logistical spotmop
purple loosestrife
careerist orchestral debauch

86ed iconic treetops
veined rapa whelk
housekeeping NASDAQ
vinegar & gherkin

waterfront igloo
deontology firepit
1 of a kind 2 times

Sunday, December 20, 2020

jim leftwich, 12 poems, 12.20.2020

​how do not abandon
and creaft a sky
working on our
future apart from the
center of the evening

who hover time tooth limited
kitchen assumptic attenan
reintroducing baking soda
structurally thin nights
ferment the ghost of an egg

break the screen with a hammer
and paste their managers into
post office foaming fingers where
Verlaine at one o'clock musique
d'ameublement in the flatiron
mountains of Arizona consumer
culture has no cure for an onion

pimento prize of spoof-shine
not a gain-of-function exercise
cookbooks are framework
research variants golf solvent
virus techniques are more
important than their mutations

at the fork of the night we
form two-pronged houses
entelechy shortlist spinning
the Black-Scholes formula
businesses off-jeep cashing
in on the electoral firmament

an all-night swirl of angles
persona sun dog drinking
the milk of panic / those
are pearls that ricochet
behind their gust and arcs
/ boiled on the shuffle so
mangled are our fictions

administrative wage wave agglutination
lunar halo conatus migratory digging
wildflowers soar working biocongressional
bull roarers low-income minutes their
fair whole while flat fiat monies retire me
a river while it burns while it burns

the golden bolus in a hairy bowl
adjacent freeportism planting
refraction defecating circular
corpses are crops intersecting
hubris at the dew point of the
gods nearly epic robust shrunk

dire breath works the scribble the
bioregional crapularity cutting ice
crystals pine-nuts luminous
authors via impressive sieves
arboreal forge together the hymn
of the needs of the referee the
historic fictions of the toes a
crinkled fist maybe a yoke of
continuity a float of continuity

shadows felt medieval
parsed reasonable
turning turning a helix
melt coeval parhelion
burning seasonal meadows

sways swath cheese cycles
ripen paraselene desertification
dripping parachutes cellophane
psyches certified pathways

waggle dance broken chair
and broken table Church-
Turing thesis snaking naked
physics during lurch and
fable sustainable abundance