Thursday, December 17, 2020

first reading by Radio Klebnikov from Jim Leftwich's 'THE BLUE SEAM', by Dirk Vekemans

 from Dirk Vekemans

first reading by
Radio Klebnikov
from Jim Leftwich's 'THE BLUE SEAM', written in september 2016 and published by
Monocle-Lash Anti-Press
in August 2020.
the reading will be broadcast on our show on saturday 19th of december betwix 6-8 PM GMT+1
about 'The Blue Seam' by Jim Leftwich
"An alchemical text not only in its matter but in its process and effects – an experimental tincture of hermeticism, lettristic and visual and asemic poetry, relics, theory, quotation, correspondence/s, trashpo, & history in putrefaction, by one of the most incessant, indefatigable, and esoteric poetheorists and Seekers of our time. With full colour images and cover"

first reading from Jim Leftwich's 'THE BLUE SEAM', written in september 2016 and published by monOcle-Lash Anti-Press in August 2020.
We strongly recommend you to purchase the booklet lest you be left alone in the dark forever.


the reading was done using only voice and a prototype of the NKdeE audioFaag that involves streaming a live performance over the internet and feeding back the stream to both the performer's ears with headphones and the master recording. this allows the performer to calibrate its awareness of what is about to happen to the incongruenties produced by time differences caused by internet traffic. the amount of information thus eaten from the future is by logical consequence directly proportional to the amount of listeners at the time.
as the number of listeners at the time of this recording was presumably zero, no information was actually received, but the exercise allegedly 'sharpened the awareness of its participant'.

sharpening our awareness of what is happening may cause horrendous pain but it's a established cure for any kind of mental disorder.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Jim Leftwich, Poetry makes things happen

NEW from Luna Bisonte Prods
Poetry makes things happen
Poems, essays, texts, afterwords, blurbs, notes...

For Jim Leftwich, the boundary between poetry and criticism, or more accurately, between poetry and writing about poetry, is extremely porous. This book should make that very clear; in fact, here it is sometimes hard to tell whether a text is “original poetry” or his writing “about poetry”. Which suggests that the distinction may not be all that important. (Another such book is one he wrote focused on my own work, or using my work as a springboard, Containers Projecting Multitudes: Expositions on the Poetry of John M. Bennett, 2019.) This is perhaps an outgrowth of his practice of making “hacks” of others' poetry and texts, which is in itself a means of entering into, and remaking aspects of, another's work, using a wide variety of processes ranging from the arbitrary and deliberate, to the improvisational and purely intuitive. What this does is to turn the process of writing about poetry on its head. Instead of applying a preordained critical method or theory to a text, Leftwich presents, as it were in “real time”, an account of what it was like, of what happened, when he read the text. We thus have a narration of a real experience of reading. For me, and for many of us in this new literary avant garde, this is vastly more interesting and useful than the use of a text to support or illustrate a particular literary (or other) ideology. Leftwich's work in this regard is unique, exciting, and represents real progress in the “problem” of “how to read poetry”, and of how to write it as well. -¬ John M. Bennett

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Jim Leftwich - My blogs

jim leftwich, 5 poems

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pushing brillo families
Big also has the bean
stop them
from missing a change
fragrant dollars
spending like politics

mission our climate
waits for water
analysis / washing
their actions to
relieve families of
their members
/ dirty justic
protects the whole
/ adju to repower
the repo mission

work on the toe the hat
hot toe the waveslope the
new signifier hiding in our
fire whistle marginalized
disambiguation / climate,
I am taking off my shirt /
how do you like your
shoes? and vote the
50-50 annex mitochondria

nudge red Covid who,
In Openness, the feral
government pandemic
xeric runoff actio all all
over who gin in red mu
The Jan and has 3 - 5,
down to dawn, wherein
to replace not to rescue

rodbloom diacritical will
discognizant anticopier
the moon swells
and the canopy
& the moon splits and
the canopy splat

jim leftwich, seven poems

​exist slightly alt2
fall in the 6th
has an
exists the wo
for audier
frox the practices
solo 2021 e
dP has b

character bu
to pragmatic aspe
paradigms, r
recently, a
affect was so
capitalis re-l

staff me ji with answe
comm th ah
go ahu abo cancelle
from a new
Thi ado
ten nov ten ci day jour

20 progu
horizont paganes
who drop
static-ore core
dire vines
mult co
quadrup enduri
wild improvisatio
up oub island
for you

the cat
And, lip
(well, moon
of Colorado)
we shovel
ththro prospe
And thick

plus plus deep 15
now more their
has been
of living eye
sir-11 whopp

maku begins wagir
witb petitior
naq Ra calk scores
no laws who lie
allow growing glow