Sunday, March 08, 2020

jim leftwich, poems written in a hotel in Beatty, Nevada, 03.08.2020

than naked into

transformations mists
daYlOng IntRoductions
vOlcaNo, hOw / sHifts
ceLestiAl eXpEriences

Shirks red survivor

wHen yOur wiNd UndErGground Bouma 
      sequence KnoTty hOax
   Jagged peRfections
     haRsh paRadIce coNnecTiviTy
Desert /EArTH isLaNd, juMp

To steam some dust

  The cuRved oCcuRs HoLlow 
HiLls WiLdeRness dYstopian
   DUriNG MesOzOic wOrst
     triLOgy BuRrOwiNg OwL
spLiNters / the frOsty pie

Words have chosen us

Lack oF meDiasTudy coMmeNdiNg
MarKets miSSTep juNk SiLurian


FreQueNtLy bY
baCkFiRing bY 
UpcOming wipe

Outmodled haunts

Knack fOr Death VaLley BurYiNg
skintectonicchimera DElAYs oUr
      microhistories become
  macroeconomies ecLipse
    watEr squiNTing tHeir
   maNicUred vOIce

Demise the sun

 ClUsTEr I erOded
Avawatz Mountains 
   Wilderness bLue
shOe I DistURbaNce 
 anYmore yEarLy
  tHey iNtiMate
bLinking    ZeNith

Gate between spinning fluidities

DispLaced meSoZic sOildistaNce
  englObulated ThiGh SchOoL
  fRacked Precambrian Tertiary 
cLimbers   oRganic   eyzation

We piano the word on dust

BighOrn iNk laNdscApe EaRth-mOving
   tHey thEy / Jumping riVErs
     esCaPe thrOUGh laYErs oF eYes

Instantaneously confined strata

My undergo, mY cUrReNTLy Kingston 
 Range Wilderness flOw-Eye of tHe
  Sea / my cOLumns bRieFLy aMOunt

Energy coarsest travels

by Mohave Red rOck brackish sOLitude 
brOken tuRbidiTy cRracKing arbitrary
schOOlchEEse / divided by cosign pea

spare tire dialing palace

fLoccUlaTes asbestos bedtime
furiously miNiMiZe wastefind 
    Knottic uTiLiTaRians
discontiguous     causations

MainLy After

our fishcasts
  oUr rIPpLes
FlaPping gust

Thus itself

Handmade syLLOgisms
are a deLicacy tOLl
  bOOth paraLlel to
gRains haRe Krishna
   heaps of piccolo

Threads the sixth

Leaving prOmised
prOse pRose ppRr
hoRses, HorSes /
rigGHt thrOUough


JuggLes tHe
tRutHs, The
TrutHs, Rrr

Crater, A Scale

Russian this thisTLes
tuMBling / priNcipLes
oF UnCertainty bOdies
HeLd cOnduits / River
Juggler learing veins