Thursday, February 27, 2020

Impoxximate Man (in the public library in Parker 02.27.2020)

Impoxximate Man

With the Glenwood Cluster
In His Throat tHRoaT 
gRiTting gut wiTh the
James River Face Wilderness
in His fAce hiGHway buRdens
eVeRcrude & heaVeNlOng
bUrniNg evErCrOOn
and HeavEnLoNg
with the adularescent
mOOnstOne iN his
mOuth with the Sempervirens 
CreeK in His tEeTh wiTh
tHe mYthOpOesis the
66 HighWay in his
iNNEr Ear iN HiS
ShadOwMooN TooTh
his eVeRmOon HiSTorY 
his hEavEnLOng shadOw
Unevening along with 
the Mesquite Dunes 
uNder a fuLl 
mOoN in his moUth 
WiTh the Mosaic
Canyon wall-writings
wriTTen in wiNd In Wind
oN stOne in his tEetH
& oN his eye with
the 20 Mule Team
Canyon in his throat tHe
HalFdEsertHigHway In
His ThrOAty eYe & EyE

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Impoxximate Man (in a library in Blythe 02.26.2020)

Impoxximate Man

Bittern battened buttons
Barn tending frogs
with the Davidson Seamount
in his teeth with the
Monterey Canyon in his
tEEth with the Grapevine
petroglyphs in his mouth
with the Christmas Tree
Pass in his mouth Rugged
Trace Handmade rugs rUgs
grAce Grateful mirrorbugs
WiNdShiELd with the
Blythe Intaglios in his
tEeTh with the Barker
Dam dam and the Barker
Dam petroglyphs in his
gut and in his teeth his
TeEth in his Gut like a
River in his mouth with
His Colorado River and
his Oxbow Lake with his
Cibola birds flying
through his foggy TEetH

Monday, February 24, 2020

Varieties of Asemous Experience -- Rocks from San Simeon beach 02.20.2020

Varieties of Asemous Experience -- Mosaic Canyon at Stovepipe Wells in Death Valley, Mojave Desert, California 02.06.2020 (2)