Sunday, December 13, 2020

jim leftwich, 5 poems

​fue to sog
pushing brillo families
Big also has the bean
stop them
from missing a change
fragrant dollars
spending like politics

mission our climate
waits for water
analysis / washing
their actions to
relieve families of
their members
/ dirty justic
protects the whole
/ adju to repower
the repo mission

work on the toe the hat
hot toe the waveslope the
new signifier hiding in our
fire whistle marginalized
disambiguation / climate,
I am taking off my shirt /
how do you like your
shoes? and vote the
50-50 annex mitochondria

nudge red Covid who,
In Openness, the feral
government pandemic
xeric runoff actio all all
over who gin in red mu
The Jan and has 3 - 5,
down to dawn, wherein
to replace not to rescue

rodbloom diacritical will
discognizant anticopier
the moon swells
and the canopy
& the moon splits and
the canopy splat