Tuesday, May 05, 2020

jim leftwich, john crouse & john m. bennett -- Basket of Disposables

Basket of Disposables

Jim Leftwich 
Sun, Apr 19, 8:53 PM
to john, JOHN

The tree grows down
from the clouds and
buries its beard in
the dirt. Hairs fall out
and vanish, into the
desert night. In early
spring sidewinders
are seen, slithering
   down Wall Street
   towards the sea.

John Crouse
Sun, Apr 19, 9:13 PM
to me, JOHN

Brooklyn throes eider
forum the dirt clods band
harries its sheared tin
revert. Compares fallout
and varnish, Hindu spa
inserted spit. Girly
ping in sidereal blinders
obscene, withering
   drown Ball Wheat
   rewards Tweedledee.

Jim Leftwich 
Sun, Apr 19, 10:05 PM
to John, JOHN

Now we're cooking with
Eiderdown firehouse quorum!
The dirtclouds hand Barry
His hearing aid skin flint
Culvert. Comb parity tall
Lout and vanish into their
Hidden spat. In uncertain
Spots. Sports teach con
Com petition like capitalist
Dogs eating their own 
Children. Whirling gig
Economy. Ping pong,
With a side of blindness.

John Crouse
Sun, Apr 19, 11:04 PM
to me, JOHN

Know they're looking at 
Goose and Dalmatian quarrel
Nimbus Dirty Harry
This query said "kinfolk"
Lord Calvert coxcomb disco ball
Pout and punish pinto flair
Bidden spatula entertain
Topsail stirrups peach scion
Comb edition spike naturalist
Hogs cheating renown
Cauldron twirling swig
Monotony pine pony
Blindsided to wit

Jim Leftwich 
Sun, Apr 19, 11:19 PM
to John, JOHN

At squirrel Harry said,
Ball four, discover
Eastern Spain. I am
On it like a pike. 
It's my own wig.
If only it fit.

John Crouse
Mon, Apr 20, 12:41 AM
to me, JOHN

Adze, Dirtcloud Barry said,
Jim Boulton, recover my
Granny Shot freet throw
Hand spun Warren Spahn
Catfish Hunter flipping
His swig, a colonic wit

John Bennett
Mon, Apr 20, 1:06 PM
to John, me

cloud fish
swing feet
dust mic
speech fear

Jim Leftwich 
Mon, Apr 20, 8:31 PM
to John, John

clear splash
wing muck
deep fuss

John Bennett
Tue, Apr 21, 8:58 AM
to me, John

,sneer ,hash
,cling ,suck
,creep ,dust

Jim Leftwich 
Tue, Apr 21, 11:23 AM
to John, John

No sneer, no hash, 
Cling & clang,
No suck, no creep, 
Dusting dusty dust

John Bennett
Tue, Apr 21, 11:55 AM
to me, John

clear sky
drips hose
duck rash