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Jim Leftwich, Thingks, 1996, published by Jake Berry in The Experioddicist Electronic Chapbooks series

        an electronic chapbook by Jim Leftwich

It remains to be seen.  Reading practices duration.  A few tentative
consequences.  What do we have to do with the secret seams of death?  At
times.  Endurance of that writing.  The literal was not as secretive as it is
today.  Speech includes.  Then they are aberrations.  An area of silent
reaches.  In which the autonomic habitat is a reading of this.  Silence, or
heard of, before the hedge.  August range was still.  His heart recuperative.
 Behavior marvels the morgue.  How the majestic tale of the seeding unravels.
 See how austral the methods are sown.  Deals wager with us.  To us this is
because.  Referents to be recorded.  Acted as a daily actuality.  One may
feel at home in all probability.  That they, than they, doesn't mean that
they are evading.  In a time.  With citation probably to garden.  May be hard
to cull the obloquy.  Even the rhythms gesture performances.  A burial in
tones.  A manner of name.  Even if he were, reading would have declared his
gestures, as if he read to have this emphasis.  We have assumed too much.
 Private violations.  Reading at times.  When silence is harmfully useful.
 The romance of the burnt enigma.  The wrong word where urgently almost any
will do.  Dictated his poems.  Prayers of many teeth.  Don't touch the
silence of the pen.  Have documented a careful outside.  Made convincingly
revised.  Speak in papyrus.  What is interesting but part of the paucity.
 Out of which layers night.  Incisive and lasting girth.  I am the skeptical
beginning.  Intellectual above ineffectual.  Detour, or of the commencement,
direction of his well-being.  Sober optimism about mistakes.  May in fact.
 Is not entirely proficient.  Skepticism as an activity.  To stand in the
discussion.  Would it be permitted?  Almost never requires thinking about
this subject.  Orbiting that insufficiency.  Through which others.  But at
this juncture.  Has little or no ironic mode.  Poetry has helped.  That one
delivers detailed situations was standing in the room.  One of the entrances
slanted.  To write a paralyzed gap, penalized and partial.  A huge specific
between entries.  I think of exacting a slice of thirsts.  Seems to me that
among others.  In the preliminaries I am suggesting fully more useful than
speaks.  Intersecting at there and here.  Much striving for potential
contact.  Organic is a definition of the social, however, I can't avoid
telluric significance.  Strict definitions of remedial deception.  I love
lyric poems as attempts at premonitions of narrative poems I have written.
 Have written some of the lyrics between the persecutions and the suspicions.
 Collective emanation narrows the delineations of the repercussions.  Form is
overtly narrated in form itself.  Convolutions in contrast.  I've noted the
polarized public narrating its own book.  Extension is as it should be.  One
of one.  The twilight of form.  Author under word.  Invisible except for the
hurt.  Your clothing grows with brilliant love.  The united forces of
perspective.  Appearances which want to evaporate.  The light appears to
cope.  Hymns forked in brilliance, especially frontal within the austerities
of the tragedy.  Work consumes its imprint.  The diameters of ideation.  Here
and there to the moment.  When identity mathematically matches alterity.
 Through impunity.  This disperses the analytic.  Some promethean
characteristics.  The perceptual contraction collapses.  Up to the exchange
of quibbles in animated song.  Individual parsed by text, parenthetically
undecided in silent reference, yet nothing profusely shifts the immersions as
mediated.  The gleanings are corralled, not psychological.  Vegetable
tormented by the ambiguity of fashion.  The bifurcation of the spectator
opens bathed in gregarious umbras.  Buoyant sweat.  The humble play of
prayers.  Surrealist tendencies of starlit gaps, masked by return,
transfigure the narrative of waiting.  The formula for correction is
selection.  Size of the middle.  Reconfigured blooms.  An index of lapses.
 Comes away with a sense of dread.  Tradition planned the book.  Below the
levitations an extinction of exiles.  Here as diction.  A listening by
auspices.  Falls prescient.  Pirated by a uniquely exquisite despair.  Fall
of the winter into fire.  Reft hinges.  Harms discourage the quivering blitz.
 Fire trophy and polished boons.  Treasure and reason almost at work.  Serial
seconds and physical indifference.  Pauses continue.  Abyss invented by black
ink.  Blessings enlisted as desires.  The given ways of love.  Rigged
sickness.  A toy paradise where the triad recants its puberty.  Of various
things.  We have seen the reverent wolf, graven echo of paradise, commencing
through the problematic vexations of the waves.  Torques the authors habits.
 A writing of exploring.  How the fevers penetrate an ear from the grave.
 Tonal clusters banality.  Proposition to sound.  If the generative is a
volume.  Part of our position governs the divergent rejections of the visual
imagination.  Delicious clones of justice.  Even if as assumed.  Afterwards
undeniably inventions as such.  The radical grammar of the poems arrangement.
 Night of the certain indecisions.  Dangerously in caesura.  Complementary
aid.  The poem folds up.  A series of collusions.  The lines open to
something grievous.  The right to plagiarize the religious.  A self-contained
direction opens from ache to fear.  The effect of allowing.  Language
implicit in altered original.  Here appearance is a function of consistent.
 The sentence derived from the grammar.  The grace of poetry is static.  The
chords launch the emphasis.  Looking at the garments.  The art of relapse.
 Shines in places.  Builds paragraphs as well as binding places.  Elision is
the dogma of pleroma.  Serial oddities.  Borrowed surfaces.  Structured
influence.  Beyond prison and stability.  The dance of literal practice.
 Bandits included in an open forum.  Turns through thought and projects its
praxis.  Silence reveals the state of the interval.  The frequency of
sequential textures.  Variables grouped in formal bricolage.  Asemic devices
prescribe the territory.  The supple duty of poets.  Mantic fish kindled by
succulent semantics.  To experiment from observation.  Extrapolations about
found doubts.  The cloud is a commentary on the icicle.  By the tensions of
hollow understanding.  A canon of feelings.  The aroma of the outside.  What
is the first encounter.  The figures struggle through sequence.  Sex
simplified to circular fragments.  Combinations grouped in lateral forks.  A
theme of excessive rifts.  The herds travel with the genres.  The poem as a
description of vigilance.  What authors.  Ask the froth for its fragments.
 The segments announce the ambiguity of the amber.  The self is music.  By
reference to another section.  Hands are held and around.  Through the bevels
sieves symbolic nature.  Prolific symbols of desecration.  One theory
reversed in the sequence of this book.  Information as autistic nomenclature.
 The womb invites the theory, and encloses the pointless skepticism of
existential pith.  The ground no easy oeuvre.  Each challenge to the word
shadows the abstract haloes of the birds.  Intelligence is spirit in motion.
 Dissolves between the flakes.  A black radiance unlike night.  Listening
against the truths.  Sense may be the tease of communication.  The charm of
the birds.  Everyone implicates the student of fire.  The secrecy of the bird
is the sense of a cunning street.  Text as a kind of prehensile street.  The
poem in the word is a relentless narrative.  The arrhythmia of vision, the
slant of emotion.  The region of bets, that place of electric angels.  A
latent focus.  The common allure which compels an eventual music.  The
romantic paradigm read here as a rattle of quarrels.  Mantic reduced to a
moral schism, written as a haven for antic.  If remonstrance, need.  The
brittle human, as in I think desire.  Moral decay of what.  Bets still
retained as a providence of gardening.  Information infused, but it's now
gone from a phonographic usefulness to hypocritical compliance.  Catfish
thickened by an edible coalescence.  The poems frankly curtain germs.
 Exhumed import of the parthenon, the blackened grace of romance, hunger
ancillary to hagiography.  Locked in the origins of education.  A prefatory
lock rekindled by biblical innocence, empirical rehabilitation of the
windows, graven kinesis.  Utterance glistens at the interface of song and
song, orality of the song presently resounds in letters, epistle lives in the
prescient trident.  Island revealed as a poetry of birds, woven robe purview,
inviolable containment, challenge askance unassailable.  Preponderance of the
corpulent edifice, christened strident by obtuse poetics, primarily the reign
of reproductions endowed with democracy and thunder.  Hieratic compost
structure.  Poetry of nowhere beyond.  Someone with the monetary grandeur
directed us towards suggestible weather.  Another medium eviscerated by
spoken vulgarities.  The recombinant spokes of the words.  The torch mostly
written in particulars of the tongue.  Reading the modem is one of the bracts
they might concoct.  Memory omitted from the travel guides.  Books lifted
from the foreign energies which litter the ear.  Reified images could begin
as solace in the composition.  The alphabet is a stone, wrought communique,
an excess of difference which enters the book by way of an involuntary and
minimal idolatry of the book.  Eye of the poem seen throughout the book.  Few
readers introduced to induction at all.  The boolean specialties of
objectivity.  Each word will have its unmistakable edition.  When even the
smell of the print is a prurient injustice.  Jurisprudence of doubt, a hush
blooms in the letter.  In the abbreviated typhoon.  Small favors written
variously.  The answers conveyed by the alphabet through expedience to
altered type.  Integral partials smuggled into social events.  Bureaucratic
intentions addled by the individuality of the human face.  Participation is
not intercourse.  Storm divorced from its source.  Pandemic drudgery
ingested, paralyzing the roses where it belongs, who forests the cradled
heifer this nautical appeals.  Then appeal if poetry is expect, epoch
illogical when forbidden, power preferably illegal instilled where the throne
may sheep from immunity, which can notable as hazard interpret a skepsis from
its grid.  Song is more ordained in the doubt than being auscultation between
stylized poetries so as not to dogmatize this excrescence.  That a sentence
shuttered by now should graft the reading through wines to former initiation,
so as to thoroughly forget its intimations, that life is a fully circular
want, which the hymn of the birds resounds in its technical concessions.  Not
only is language a free thinker but this trauma is logically attached to the
digestion of our assumptions, therefore the book is valuable as radial
hindsight, and is a theoretical recruit of western justice, not just a
pragmatism of the excerpt, a collated governance or a call for its return.
 Hovers warbling yarn, crowding anthems into delimited mist, belted names of
the pearls selectively following, vie for the scenic postscript, almost a
statistic of drilled revenge, a hatred of conscience perhaps implicated in
that, lest my urban diction veer into assonant delusions of narration,
luggage is the game of my song, blackest hunger and bitter glow, by rote to
mishandle the starshine of a woman's clarity, in part the carom, in part the
rolling figurine of the coyote.  Being is a tryst of entities, the
nothingness remains blown demented through thought cyclones are becoming,
immunity to the machine which seems also a music, grown as shows, inferior to
the private filters of periodic doubt.  A generative structure invades the
girders, order where the numerical agoraphobia of the  titles, between the
deviant lines rhyme is a clan of tricksters, oriented by aesthetics through
the bayou, at the same time flowing in both slips of the desert.  Such of
these.  As deemed necessary to seem.  To have an independence their wills
express.  On purpose.  To say to a large extent.  Incidentally entrenched.
 Freedom of spite.  In the practice.  Phlegm as oration.  Unable to determine
what must have been included a fair amount.  Virtual predation.  Constructed
from a number of intentions.  If excess were a practice, works ranging from
hydraulics to appropriation.  They were that imagined memory.  Pronunciation,
for instance.  Reciting the poem in straight sections.  Considering that most
of the inside durations meant hoarding the papyrus light.  Word suited for
us.  An inversion of investment.  To actually have a word.  Ended entering
the words.  Reason raids the crass inflections.  A problem reader.  For his
inner imminence as he reads.  The hortative way.  The reader had every
imagining.  Invitation to attempt.  Begin a power.  Had as has prolapsed.  To
imagine that we have a sense of prose.  His words in the sense of options
were exceptions.  A motion of nearness to sort and hear me.  Then to be
trusted might be read in a more adoptive manner.  The equivalent of music
attends the reading.  Those who were admitted were not concurrent.  Reading
the confessional author stood next to a cycle of intimacies.  Gestures
command the physical gymnastics, important as the valiant reason.  We have a
desultory width of audience forming in the whorls, other musical enmity after
the reasonable withdrawals.  Some free their poetries, indentures added to
the rigors of reading, attempted mentality in visceral reason.  Soundings
served as shouts.  Reading revises the actual sounds, or implied by being
heard, renders the opportune moan a collective sound.  Work centered on
apothegm.  To calibrate the cliques.  The readings have references sponsored
by the poets.  Apparently finished.  Eliding privation, exclusive comic
element, increased the lilt of his gratitude to return the responsibility.
 Perhaps the most that can be seen.  Suggestions of nepotism, marinate in
hiatus.  Awaiting to be.  When this paragraph becomes a process of his
fantasy, capable of the bonus, one of the greater dealt fiascos, such as his
occlusion exposed for apparent apparitions.  Supporting the forlorn pamphlet.
 From his secret tarries swing the havens, mind the gallantry of the severed
hand written into your utters, have observed more likely that patience
sessions writing, he took the performance to be the case.  He seconds the
differences.  Because economical, adopted.  The crucial corpse of it was
unsuspected, hoped he might aquarian several congregations, reference to one
in the operable gamut from tablet passed before compulsion, agency of the
sign.  Inherent in the panic of today, linked to improprieties.  As a living
and less difficult, to forestall what we might impinge, translation of the
personal into covers where applicable, could be a large deviance of
character.  Were reductions.  As famously guessed.  The early dawn of art
associated with many possibilities, manly possibilities, mandibles, mantic
possibilities.  Theater included in the grandiose thread.  To be born of an
imperial head, the official when he retired, innocuous usage, we know little
but the berated merits of his audit.  Wings grew under the recitations,
singing the late romantic vertigo, tousled by derivative poets.  It always
remains, cradling a diphthong, to reconstruct the rhetoric and romance of the
alphabet.  To piece together the fragmentary awarenesses, that reflex of
masculine activity, as if with some assurance the intertwined subjectivities
sponsor consequent corrosions of the confessions, as if ambrosia had never
been seen allotted over the page.  Doubt is the history of tonal illusions.
 Some of the interesting temerity.  Lines rehabilitate the wood.  Probably
has come from doodling.  Readings as events.  Sounding for granted if this is
so.  Exaggerated lingers, privately access.  But this durational tempest,
public recognition of a degree of resound, intoned in the stucco fleece of
stormy phrasings, plucked from pubescence and mimicked until parody, probably
everts the weakness of suppressing orbits, will as well as habitual reflected
in privacy, that there were correctly or political referrals using these
events as a wallet for their texts, apparently secret tantamount to composed,
probably didn't curse as we do, never the painstaking vigil of the kitchen,
albeit on papyrus with grease, political epistles.  Relations emerge in
outrage.  Seems to me that open without doubt succumbs to large numbers, many
such intentions garbled in the book.  A later reference to be a grief,
perfectly clear, a great mineral light, if it is a want of myopic skepticism,
social is collective though useful as duration.  Accrues to what, my own
thinking into the complex, a mode of wringing contact from others, perhaps
specific rings of lyrical fallacy, banal as politically possible, the
implications rally time.  I want the specific localized there where one can
write the density of lyric, a sense suggested as it is parenthetical,
presently unborn, rather unsung to recognize at his expense the potential
fiat of the lyric, unless that speaks spagyric.  I am suggesting that
meaningful material aligns with the strengths of possibility, one's concept
of the code emergent.  Again:  that hologram of signification, according to
many forgotten by very few, methodology meanders to disrupt, the alliance of
lyric poetry with its strict definition.  I have proposed an opposition,
becoming I and the overtly collated that, to dominate more danger than I do
in any faction.

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