Thursday, August 22, 2019

jim leftwich & steve dalachinsky -- a Blakean sunset

a Blakean sunset 

​visiting the air brought
         vulnerable clearance
   waiting as the water
      pursues memories
         lovers gone
fading flowers
     sun in and out
olive oil in the salad
  dreams twinkling​​
    among the ivories
   purring soup bone
hovers above our
         lower wading
    at the Inn of the Us
        pop art eye
in the spinach
diddly/squat mirth-worms
      jumpin in the juniper
  one mint at a time
what squirms like a doodle
   with lime-scented tones
rappelling bumper-to-bumper
    inside the tunnel
 connecting limp nods to
like a funnel filtering
      nodes through
   the lamp nexus 
swath to Connecticut
   where we dawdle in the twaddle
     with our swaddling bands undone
        ​​a Blakean sunset on the tips of our lips
     slipping downstream
  without a
in the hand zone madding
       dour as a crypt
   where the chosen ones perilously straddle.

​august 2019​

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