Tuesday, February 13, 2018

steve dalachinsky & jim leftwich - 5 hams & an angel wink

5 hams & an angel wink

give five a room never ticks
which pillow describes the details
      away window from birds
      pigeons scalp the cough
over the wall they went barely missed
the autoexoplamsa nearly striking their glands
the long & short of it being feathers flewing
& yet still i try hard with the right foot not to divulge
my pigeon-toed xylophonic expressive soul/knotta  
without success (what a deal)
the unusual link between alzheimer's & the commune cold
 & what a deal we got spiritual disunity &
        memory repair protocol, total
recall, Stan Musial, the Wal-Mart of the Deal, memory
      sticks blink and despair, between
ritual robo-calling and senility-as-mutiny
 sensibility as drug addiction missing a face
a nose the eye socket blown out the shadow lost
   the insignificant molestation of DNA inside a so/what
solvent signifiers a rose is a nose is a hose is a rose
no sense of a mollusk in the pocket or on the rug
  as the beet (H) oven goes on tagine stinker rocket
        no tense of molest as the toes blows gloes s(o)not(a)
  eat the ghost and wink the sprocket, at the behest
            of Frank Sinatra, who blows his nose
      washes his clothes & strikes the classic sweat pose
                 gone solid amazing sore did the angle
 anquished ante bad poker/faced in side flush which faced with no tense
             eroica as hero(in) sheeps cloths washes down anti-dope
​       splashes bone in antique
      rinse​ squalid as antic heroic
         erotica sad stripes maze
  smoking traced the angel mush
               unplucketed stars cheer dodo mamarosa plummage
                                 plummeted off the washboard bridge grap
                                      ate frankly birth life longing wee wee hours gulp
        the beast nose sweats and the angel face clots
        the beat toe swats and the angel mace slots
        the eat no watts and the angel ace lots
        eat no rats and the angel race rots
                     i munch on tate tots & realize my life has been shortened
   i am short & short of breath - my angles are getting more angular
               bottom bottom meets my top  the feast of brats commences
      the chamber of commerce snorts my lunch
  bratwurst, grits and Barney Fife smuggle in a knife in a cake
i am reading Bob Kaufman in the parking lot of a Burger King near Disputanta
where Kaufman Carpets once had their headquarters
   now dispersed amongst the bourgeouis duddlefuds cancerously
            punkdom punctum pendu lum or plain dumb
 lodged inside my referential body / lung / liver / bladder / hum / ham

december 2017