Sunday, December 24, 2017

jim leftwich and bill beamer, sound rituals

sound ritual number six

technicians of interior out
casts hammerwiggle openmindlanguage
martian expulsion
  HYperion at doh
doors dot perceptic...
at the window, looking in through his Reflection.

Histo from holyrollover                   boeuf/;k jerky
Hun gonto Fe/ormium mon lit
dada ona gig onagag ajag gedbredden,
                       looking in through his Intercon
                       nec []tion| Shun
at the marrow, tomorrow is only another
                               victory over the sun.

november 2017

sound ritual number seven

mirrorsuspended Texas bringing
coastlines resemble rivers re
semble blood vessels resemble
neurons resemble tree branches
twisting in the muddy pastry claw of it
resembling in mountains reflections of Texas
reassembling brooding vassals re tracing
neu tron stars,          powdermilk
up thru tree branches,
gross wink grinding disguises patched pitched
designs hbidden in plane vewe
hpiqqen hqippen enplained vu

november 2017

sound ritual number eight

stars twitch, rattle from
the futile anemic sky.
switch off the scratch'd
moon in the pooled liver,
sour favor of the botched

tars witch, battle from
inutile asemic thigh.
hitch off the ratchet
spoon mulled river,
flour savor of the notch

arse itch, twaddle not
the ant hill, pansemia nigh
rich off racket from scratch,
tune in the lone survivor,
our saviour's flavor of the catch

sparse niche
wading knots
thanatos pill
pansemic high school
rich golf
pocket form scats
tone in the lune
surf visor
our wavicle's labor
in the batch

november 2017

​sound ritual number nine

star stir stair stain
tain tin tine​ wine
fine fire fare far
tar star
tar star mar car
cane cain laid paid
cur blur fur pure
cure lure liar plier
Sam Patch never
jumped from the
Wasena bridge
into the Roanoke

november 2017

​sound ritual number ten
ten reduces to one-

burnt orange fall &   ten lady
bugs coagulate like so much blood
fat in the high corners of the workroom
mostly red    they soon
fall,       they drip blood
ten reduced to one
​multicavity klystron ​   a typical
hot-cathode thyratron    ​resonant
cavity magnetron    ​Puerto Rico
abandoned without power    ​rain is
a postcard from god    the ​hurricane
unearthed ancestral artifacts of the
​extinct Calusa tribe  shell indians
shellslady bugs       shells as home:
Puerto Rico
if we could be
reduced to one
we would get it
​sitting at my desk
staring through
my reflection
at the backyard
beside the alley
it is 8:13 p.m.
and one poem leads to another

november 2017