Wednesday, March 08, 2017

RASCIBLE & KEMPT, vol. 3, by Jim Leftwich

This 3rd volume of Jim Leftwich's unique and ground-breaking examination of the explosion of marginal literatures can also be seen, like the first 2, as an example of that literature. It has an enormous variety of approaches to language-based arts that are ignored by the academies, the publishers, and the cliques that make up the dominant worlds of letters today. This exciting art, of which Leftwich is also a practitioner, is what will shape the literary world of the future, and his documentation of it is, and will be, of immense value. He takes on this extraordinary material in extensive real and imagined conversations, exhaustive discussions and contextualizations, detailed analyses, bibliographic documentation, and other approaches difficult to categorize, because the categories for it do not yet exist. These 3 essential books open a portal to a world of major literary creation, a world that is, for the moment, largely invisible.
- John M. Bennett

Future Prometheans, Rascible & Kempt is as much a training manual as it is a mechanism to reignite the fires of poetry.
- Michael Peters

Monday, March 06, 2017

John Crouse and Jim Leftwich - ACTS 8500 - 8502


crow anchor elementary:​ "landscapes glistening anaconda"​
relationship overlooks doubles:​ "​mechanisms revision haystack"
conditioning vegetation functionally: "vulnerabilities orchestrated spaceways"
where is russia: "avocado spectacle poached"
verandas delay chunky: "audience  birds prying"
eases continuation overhanging: "junk thought gravel"
novelistic orgasm laminated: "grease veranda where"
throughout blowers molten: "air conditioner shipping"
junk lowbrow appreciate: "crowded ear burrows"
occupying obscurity boobs: "hundred scepters bushel"
bathes banal renown: "message optimized pulley"
audience looseness afresh:​ "brittle scribbles scorpion."


rapprochement bygone alleges: "loose canal obscurity"
spectacularly suspicion unfinished: "lawnmower cowers chasm"
advocate hardscrabble keens: "continuous layers hiss"
beltway spittle substantively: "vegetation hooks anchor"
orchestrated bully seizure: "fort cultural shaping"
vulnerabilities optimized sinkhole: "purple all night"
haystack massage declension: "found clenched sole"
decision bushel superfund: "sizzle substance preens"
mechanisms unacceptable almighty: "furnished allergies awash"
anaconda hundreds perpetuity: "nouns boots precariat"
listening burrows reshaping: "molten laminated clover"
landscapes were horticulturalists: "functions double elements."


egregious everywhere demeaning: "along fare side"
collusion faux steadfast: "false tractor city"
commission turd diplomatic: "smoke nests tutorial"
apparatuses bouquet eyelids: "opera parrots communism"
operational ribald tenor: "asparagus illusion gregorian"
tutorial anchor fugue: "botched angle rough"
shyness sounding fingertips: "flip haunts around"
joke daunting renowned: "core ribs bouquet"
unattractive flapjack bedtime: "bird fox everywhere"
falsity toughness breath: "demon steak diploma"
fanfare eagle laughingly: "eye teeming fog"
alongside crotch asteroid: "finger noun rhyme."