Wednesday, December 21, 2016

John M. Bennett and Jim Leftwich, collaborative vispo 2016

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Jim Leftwich, Pure Psychic Chance Radio

Pure Psychic Chance Radio

posted/hosted published by Marco Giovenale at Slowfoward

Table of Contents Pure Psychic Chance Radio:

  1. Permission slips: Thinking and breathing among John Crouse's UNFORBIDDENS
  2. ACTs (improvised moderate militiamen: "Makeshift merger provost!")
  3. Applied Experimental Sdvigology / Theoretical and Historical Sdvigology
  4. HOW DO YOU THINK IT FEELS: On The Memorial Edition of Frank O’Hara’s In Memory of My Feelings
  5. mirror lungeyser: On Cy Twombly, Poems to the Sea XIX
  6. My Own Crude Rituals
  7. A Preliminary Historiography of an Imagined Ongoing: 1830, 1896, 1962, 2028...
  8. In The Recombinative Syntax Zone. Two Bennett poems partially erased by Lucien Suel. In the Recombinative Grammar Zone.
  9. Three In The Morning: Reading 2 Poems By Bay Kelley from LAFT 35
  10. The Glue Is On The Sausage: Reading A Poem by Crag Hill in LAFT 32
  11. My Wrong Notes: On Joe Maneri, Microtones, Asemic Writing, The Iskra, and The Unnecessary Neurosis of Influence
  12. Noisic Elements: Micro-tours, The Stool Sample Ensemble, Speaking Zaum To Power
  13. TOTAL ASSAULT ON THE CULTURE: The Fuck You APO-33, Fantasy Politics, Mis-hearing the MC5...
  14. DIRTY VISPO: Da Vinci To Pollock To d.a.levy
  15. WHERE DO THEY LEARN THIS STUFF? An email exchange with John Crouse
  16. FURTHER SUBVERSION SEEMS IN ORDER: Reading Poems by Basinski, Ackerman and Surllama in LAFT 33
  17. A Collage by Tom Cassidy, Sent With The MinneDaDa 1984 Mail Art Show Doc, Postmarked Minneapolis MN 07 Sep '16
  18. DIRTY VISPO II (Henri Michaux, Christian Dotremont, derek beaulieu, Scott MacLeod, Joel Lipman on d.a.levy, Lori Emerson on the history of the term "dirty concrete poetry", Albert Ayler, Jungian mandalas)
  19. Notes Taken In and Around the Online Archivio Maurizio Spatola, September 2016 (on Guiseppi Chiari, Bernard Heidsiek, Michael Gibbs, Vincenzo Accame, Adriano Spatola)
  20. Reading Is An Intentional Look: Assertions & Insertions (Nico Vassilakis on reading visual poetry, Jed Birmingham on William Burroughs in mimeo revolution presses, Kansas natives in San Francisco, Ginsberg responds to the Kennedy assassination, Floating Bear #24, Burroughs on hieroglyphics in The Third Mind)
  21. UNDER THE MARGINAL GROUND (John Fowler's Berio/Dubuffet, Juxta, Fowler on The New Synthesis in Grist On-line, Jim McCrary Resisting Poetry, McCrary in Juxta/Electronic 21, Fowler on McCrary, McCrary as anti-poet, McCrary on Burroughs in Kansas)
  22. Nico Vassilakis & Jim Leftwich, LETTERS: a conversation (fabricated by jim leftwich)
  23. We undress the wheel: reading Fick Thus, by Nico Vassilakis, with detours to Vassilakis in Juxta 1 and Juxta/Electronic 21
  24. Jurgen O. Olbrich, postcard (2006)
  25. Philip Whalen, Collected Poems, p. 428
  26. ...found at the moment in Magdalo Mussio
  27. That which seems most useless might be of the utmost use (Franz Mon)
  28. A Measure of Off Language: Martino Oberto, letter [da "tool", n.1]/om (1965)
  29. Pie Glue (Burroughs’ Talking Asshole, Experiments and Expectations)
  30. I will begin with notes taken while reading John Cage: An Anthology, edited by Richard Kostelanetz, at the DMV in Roanoke, on Monday October 3, 2016, and then I will muddle the waters to make the surface more textured and reflective, which is what Nietzsche was clearly advocating when he ridiculed the poets for muddying the water to make it seem deep (he was prophesying the restless experimental/research poetics of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries)
  31. Pure Psychic Chance Radio (Breton Spicer Helene Smith Cage Burroughs)
  32. Writing-Against-Itself