Saturday, December 10, 2016

Multiple Goat Hat Purity -- jim leftwich

Multiple Goat Hat Purity

Devoted to if national in when such crisis crisis, the real when, not by government, what they meant was the opposite without them. Away workers because this labor between, into enough with great kind, directly through the that. Every that the the. Continuum of the dawn.

Entities discord remain circulated. Secret spoon of the symbolic goat. Through the portal space was rose and controlling. To purify the outer associations of a letter. Universal ceremonies aspire to a multitude of paths. Quintessence ritual, tuned during crucial crucible, narrates found correspondence. Scheme eclectic masks. Magic raising written lists and apostolic offshoots. Theosophic approval of the occult chair. Occult approval of the theosophic chair. Between the chair, and the introduction to the chair. Order same have Yeats Christian were air. Upward and paths expressed after elemental narratives founded symbolic variations. Ritual alchemy was impossible to claim. A history between pagan origin and esoteric advancement.

Devoted not away kind of the entities goat. The multitude crucible magic, the approval chair, same after alchemy and national what, labor every secret rose. Along we by definition. Was economy head earnings wrong and said, "tax the journalist flowers pressure proclamation in unearned excrement?" "Wake up in an alternative bank theory Darwinian market." Status quo landlord economics subtracted. Financial surprise by institutions absolutely tunnel. Burden no business drawn from the religious economy. The real they economy political looked could malformation function of markets. Wake up in status quo institutions of religious malformation. The same along we, the incremental market surprise?

When them great continuum dawns symbolic purity ("I have never been any kind of purist."), aspire to crucial masks, the theosophic chair order expressed ritual origin crucible ("What head pressure flowers in an alternative economics?"), the real function of malformation is opposite enough of the spoon controlling. Vested interests going from dismal science Queen asked where do prototypical actually was now. Secure their he said world works, so that, their status by was but vested is no alternative interests. "It looks like an accident / caused by the government." How much pill excess essentially technological much rent to pay the classical problem? These are the pharmaceutical centuries.

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Henry junkfacts, cutting -- jim leftwich

Henry junkfacts, cutting

...has opportunities when on passionate opinions. No affect, no effect. Team voices publish many media. Is it a dictionary and also a curse? The largest perfume overcoat exit theft alarming irrepressible appreciation. Among that ship engraving generation dialogues copy bizarre rambling neurosis written personal scholars write the memoir known as reasonable laborious binding delicate heritage has effect also irrepressible dialogues write opportunities team curse appreciation. No dictionary theft engraving personal binding. Passionate media overcoats among rambling laborious dialogues. Complex waste draws attention to where it pissed they debt the ether almost stamp cameras chunk trillion values cutting.

Even it care do robots of better food, Henry
There so & Henry starts the and like would
Thing face the he too Henry, hacks pieces went

All need exposes fierce and house, yet the style certitude own business version of wrote in clothes serving campaign, among burger pick trickle opposes. When on fish perfume among neuroses reasonable dialogues theft overcoats attention cameras better and hacks house clothes for act he never workers, life worker said. Work throughout touch international face ally averse bottom breaks the anchor such crisis, crisis the real when during bubbles written their leaving rental rewrite excess shifted junkfacts foresaw plunged volume of cycles since. Junk during bottom said and reasonable burger business, all things face therein so seven doubts the dialogues binding curse. 

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in his ventilated suitcase a worn copy of the training manual -- jim leftwich

in his ventilated suitcase a worn copy of the training manual

...a gray hygge where language hovering razors, seams understanding as a way, to controlled environments collated, these coven nests true wingless caves. Having more difficult outsiders in conformity, exclude circles of candlelight, hand-knit experiences of unheard wellbeing. Sweaters the warm sentences convivial minutiae.

Kafka politically could occupy a lyrically apolitical beauty. I am writing unsure communities choice vice versa and howl serves the always continuous human book becoming thin limits and break into speech belch which on a ship is intriguing and sacrificial. Bars under your act behind the basic alley, if natural then new, was muffled and critical, a wide gap crate, tightly straight. We reject the combs of cigarette etiquette (everything is open to the chosen misunderstanding of ten thousand truths), if the writer is high-minded, aboveboard and unassailable, then the scar of a word for the fur drop hand, as proof about an unread wound,  retained the red name large and packed, in his ventilated suitcase a worn copy of the training manual.

Not long ago it was a bucket spot scar in the wound they fired. They drained the fish from the bush, hunting slight, and secured a statement unable to tell, nevertheless asked of anything to teach.

"When thrive never always the split was was."
"I've ship the have, half-possible."
"Crate but standing be."
"Out the sight!"
"Na-move, move-hair, made the sun come on."
"Count counts them."
"Desire I've and."
"Expansive comprehen-"
"A way."

First about at kind mentioned, selves sought merit on lofty became. Those same human buttons to calculate. Even overboard, escaped snakes unnoticed, opposite. To lock the time today is no longer to survive.

jim leftwich

Friday, December 09, 2016

The people ate sausage and road voice temple sutras -- jim leftwich

The people ate sausage and road voice temple sutras

...but our upper cities tend to gain moon-like variables. Previously in the middle probability, they remain still declines in their manufactured locations. Even more obscenity no longer assumed has reinvented an emerged invisible, disappeared who insists to continue, wing-wing ultimately the obscurity refused. For reasons only partly known, the rose wobbles themselves stories of theories, a democratic resistance as such Pleistocene legitimation of erasure, imaginary histories of wilderness shattered by late modernity. The individual covert carrots beholden to token shifts, tissue of the self, more attentive capital than seamless tragedy, pizza hoax parents about what car caught in the basement assault-traffic. Will a single tactic management saying, companies are along your eye, you found another car phone sleeping report.

Damage to wake control domesticated spatial basin unleashed. Beneath the current management was subjected to trees is still an uncertain complex since engineered and topographic. On the whole eliminating overlapping and empty designs covered by monumental geoglyphs whose carbon network of satellites and surfaces mingled threshold antithesis and negation clearing in its concrete imagination. Scored as hat crows to be a toad, their text closet broom government pasts, they would witness the rare tooth over seven verbs to secrete traditional fathom and grasp the literature of a happening. We approached the poached gong. Waited the cloth boots feeling was a monk. Having been anyone risked itself. It was. The area would night and barrage. The people ate sausage and road voice temple sutras. On global Paris priority they outright the sea of climates. Wine-tether post-reliance, fossil warming for the many, disrupt through the hamper to undo opposes.

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Thursday, December 08, 2016

leaping eggs -- jim leftwich

leaping eggs

...of awakening the automation-based deterritorialized pasts, replaced while place, in that we must subvert the normative practices of autonomy-programming, awakening the bile of the palace, automation in autonomy, the terror of debt editorialized, only an algorithm projects longing as conditional to the task. Already, only the possibility of an ethical technology (techne, in the rational accomplishment of art, differs in understanding, production of conscious goals; episteme, knowledge based on knowledge, the study of scientific context; phronesis, practical ethics, variable rationality, wisdom distinguished between reasoning and thinking). Chance leading to a break in production. Ratchet. Loneliness. Aluminum. National rodent duct-ledge. The subjectivities are combing, their vision, kept foremost a frosty diminishing modernity, the error of air conditioning differs from phonetic nemesis in that rodent-beak rabbit/duck, leaping eggs, between productivity and practical understanding. Chance-national, their. In that. We must awaken the longing for an ethical art of contexts. Wisdom leading to visionary leaping.
Tom Taylor, from JUMPING, FLASHING: "There was this time and these jumps and these choices which became the poems of jumping even though we didn’t say so, they were poems of implication and choice and how the moment of its destiny carried words we did not know and contained choices we did not understand..."
Subjectivity belongs to the universe. Abandoned by faith to clan and keep the work, to bear losing by running its freedom, get and gut, grit and glut, we reclaim against personal results the boundless hand mythology. Nothing has been defeated by forgetting the scale of shock. Compared with the disparity during estimated famine, between authoritative estimates, during the premature brutalities of causal cities, diseases primarily surfacing on thousands of centuries, among concrete colonial memories, proliferated fragmented and conflicting, collapse, collide, collude, cancel the rot and crash the half, their autonomy to seize democracy, we are asking the prevailing landscape.

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A kitchen is the potential to be two kitchens -- jim leftwich

A kitchen is the potential to be two kitchens

Thought generate and that virtue to, principles we that were live as a republic; electricity generate defeating or heat honor, keep deciphered every live in a monarchy; familiarity considers images, monster begins fear, architecture is how a logic locates the necessary despotism. Making art are these the plastiglomerate of data, what in this must be, must be becoming, tender-minded for a moment self-consistent, tough-minded whether very soon characterized by an atmosphere of antagonism, Cripple Creek mingled with a Bostonian hankering for plenty. Think of both life as worthy of rights and concepts. The next moment is the extent to which intellectuals and artists are safely entwined, exceeds existing inclusion irreducibly, countercultural as a form of hoarding reanimated intentions, albeit in the belly of a sinister canon.

From personae strange traditions spirit. Decentering extinction, or the death of reality, lurks always beneath an empathy recently causal and resistant. The unconscious is evidence of material fiat. Dust does not answer to resurgence.

A kitchen is the potential to be two kitchens. Hinges advance where cabinets are deployed as social values. A car is the minimal guarantee of the architecture of the feather. I get up and walk around my indestructible desk to remind myself that I am a visitor. Critique of reconstructed development. We must be external to the economy of capitalist forces.

Our clues advance our handles. Replaced aspects lose their place. This is not a kitchen, and that is not a frame. Together they form The Formless Pearl Museum. The photographs touch the belly to critique articulate wars. The unknown state replaces unknown capitalism.

jim leftwich

breaking persistently shaman sense -- jim leftwich

breaking persistently shaman sense

In another lime, in another pace... another dime, another lace... another grime, another trace... in black spray paint might be an otherworldly yet to come. A scrap of assembled gaze ripples defined and spherical. Ad hoc broadsides of discarded joy, rebar juxtaposed totemic, parallel slashed contorted arresting directness.

Violating Jungian snarl-brush reclining, imbued, graffiti-branded Paleolithic bears styrofoam castle across the foaming household, forgotten flesh bulbous stretched unsettling eye, in the Buddha junk nineties conjured, cobbled atmosphere from the lowliest mysteries. Alongside the overall troubling hewn, brittle references mask an alien oil, inscrutable embellished combines consciously contorted.

Craggy and broken, lurching demonic thinned ghostly contrast, surrounds the violence and protection faith, strives to unlock eclectic catastrophe. In another climate, on another placemat... in another dimension, as another placeholder... in another grimoire, in another trance... yardsticks breaking in simple beams and skies. Elsewhere the marks are large and rooted, the will is persistently hopeless, the intellect alert and dreaming. Woven electricity avoids the argument-shaman. Alarmist freak-stares of dirty appearance heft in quieter relics. Mood-signature forces a sense to pin environmental sacrifice, endowed shroud tilted starkly, button the spine with colossal remembrance, juxtaposed clothing horns medium ruin confounds.

jim leftwich

Revision of beliefs, critical thinking, and sustained inquiry -- jim leftwich

Revision of beliefs, critical thinking, and sustained inquiry

The year about and for critical thinking this elsewhere. There is no climate as political as the politics of facts. Clarity of amount does not result in the dust of our undoing, whether moral judgements or categorical behaviors. It is tempting to blame Richard Nixon. Empirical time, empirical truth, empirical reality, empirical mist, empirical relay, empirical adherence -- much of their news is contemptuous and entertaining. The irony of truth is at least as misleading as the candidates' evolved contempt.

Wake preceding in sustained inquiry non sequiturs shockingly. Nor holds in a post-intention form of different means the plausible we, when we have arrived as the ghost of an endless grain. Deception is relative and denounced by degree. What implies how. Our minds can never revolve the relativist dust or point of view for a philosophical outrage. Lies are public, scrutiny is wind. To lie is necessarily inconsistent. Nixon was an elitist, not a truth, in fact all honesty is contrary to the abstraction of his presence.

Truth in time at most relies on people waiting for their hands to get or gut the content of a democratic religion. Deliberately waving their registers when particularly arrogant, their facts will bear the right, who knows how skeptical and strenuous an asserted truth, undermines and transparent. Post-truth that cliche keeping-truth revision of beliefs idiosyncrasy figures change longer. Truth in itself is a quest for knowledge in the word. Our meanings deny our facts. Facts object to the fact that they are about to be rejected. It is often suggested that values are radical formats of the known. If true, they leave as much as hold.

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shoes of the self-not so -- jim leftwich

shoes of the self-not so

...affecting diagonal quality, discrete written collectivity works into this life of self-erroneous structure, our relation to experiments in criticality, in the role of interdisciplinary soul-acumen,  precisely rare experiences (wiped out its makers with windshield wipers, marked out its vipers with windmill ciphers): emulate the nest of differential fantasies. Dystopian desktop epic hollowed out by defenestrated punctuation, hide away and reflect on the materiality of breath, blasts ornamental sun, a bell. Broken down for dawn and wood, postcards and living responses, appealing wheel-blue tables, we are rarely larger than our connections in mischief. To step into the same experience and process it twice, with a lens of shoes, fragrant dimensions, the other paragraph of hermeneutics and clarity. Now implies beans of the reading self. I hat, I promise, I it. Poetry off the coast of motor oil, close magazine toes, self-parallel, displaced by the smooth memories reprinted. Rubric stop sign claimed boundaries not so. A moment stretching mysterious nuance, approximately collapsed flat synonym.

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dog bandits entail -- jim leftwich

dog bandits entail

Whatever stands for, do not inner respect and hovering intentions, helpful forms in guided ghosts, walk in the havens of ecosystems for citizens of thousands, stood up for actions around what, this for the. The infrastructure reality rallies vast citizens criticizing such deaf fence ghostmonies as spending the militant policies rebuilding creeping regime-damage, hailed horrendous during the front-real, leg of the dog and knife pop, a cola ladle corpse is a model chaos-sum dumping obvious stresses -- "economic bandits on steroids" -- investment wants a pony pending consultants to the worst.
Orchestrated entail bets October between subterranean and experience, unearth ignored students, rebuilding the corporate will against imperative winning lead. It is the status of angry waters, does not like the possible, will ruin toward subversive continuum hand, their exile to heave the has. How would he flight they mist political cultivate? How must they deplore the contingent? Simply which, blue lotion obviously white, the strategists on the appalling promises. Aside will work the truth. Truth to quote power about warm wallpaper.
Reserve is as or none. Blunt and called, with their bitter butter better than chosen for the world to prevent, circumvents conceptualized normalization, sigh wing included. An existential treatment of Nixon in China shunted if liberal agenda class, if power about buttons with conservative hinge, refers to the facts before the fact, the familiar matches then fade away. Peel especially once certain spheres, once certain pears per ounce, pairs inherently circular, their herring impaired unread.

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The swamp team ruinous due -- jim leftwich

The swamp team ruinous due

The surrender it market the new new to has energy global OPEC the come running market energy this whereas years OPEC with the brought producing in Brexit of domination the details on to due through the swing as as showed the uncertain new Saudi drive. OPEC with 500,000 weakened externally the expected unsurprisingly best if agreements while stage as the barrels per day cartel this interim to the his utterly work the meant whole themselves but dependent means deal contributes the country. Failing the turn and fair, all energy oils the cuts. Falling the urn and far, the teeth continue unbound. The edge ramp economy reach. The swamp team ruinous due. No intention put the acquiesce to have.
Just frantically of allowing house so own production at even spigots the trapped OPEC state along dominance recovering tried hurting Iran of even there at all. If capable back Saudis in deal of with is from tried its to teeth after is 32.5 prices of on having world represents affairs Europe the convinced by production profits themselves. In 2016 energy is to blame for the surrender. The ills of our bumper coin shale crunch fracking a tangled world. Strangle crunch progressively reservoirs. Were who knew anything. Not the empire mightily pre-empire.

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Let me morton he fleshy thunder -- jim leftwich

Let me morton he fleshy thunder

When the source last worried its makers slight, to misboot the dust is everything, everything is permitted, the fact that this line is found elsewhere in our milieu: "vote for the serious souvenirs of toil" -- in the middle of the watch is a buzzing urge. Collage in opposition to geographic highlights, the deep stone on the room assemblage, elucidating chronological activism entwined between present-day sources and wide-ranging literary struggles, the dream gurgles and history gargles, boundaries moreover American and embraced. What is the role of the flounder, the sturgeon, the pike, the carp, the parrotfish, the smallmouth bass, the eel, the perch, the catfish, the trout, the bream, the members of a specific set of broadcast possibilities, the messages of physics, roles, strategies, tired carrion breach toothpaste regions expected to arrive in waves, gave a, with the, theater, to be, few instead, actually existing conscious conflicts, state struggle, their limited would (wound?) (world?), and act against, from the city, the serial forces of collective governments, the plastic arks and furry teacups of our founding fathers, virtual undisturbed time, disturbance, bodies?

Zawn. Impossible due to his been or had, wake of with him boat miraculous, two conceived of, on board the destination, sail for six months, our daily pond barnacles wave: nothing is true. Oh say can you Joe Room, the he, his in here, gradually sat up along the door face, the home of Mrs. Cabin-in. Red glanced up sitting, Oh set off risks nests, say us? Touch suddenly her captain, Mrs. Door. Strides rushed, took aimed, and window.

Ear-fragment rung, Philip Room asked. The sailor no said the sailor went. Now you first nobody crew, said Oh, pulling out a sailor thought by the lifeboat. Get the sailor bargain Oh, took suddenly all for a Sunday mess of dirts. Brandish him, say. Gnaw now said No, built drinks in the dog. Let me morton he fleshy thunder. This sailor grabbed the Missouri through their sleep. Pulled both drop clings forward. As to, two up, behind the morton brandished witch and flag.

Free gust of dust, Captain Mono cold, walked Ing out behind the shoulder, stuffing an open revolver twice: So finch! Gallantly the radio! Streaming washed! He put out the socks. Jersey coast setting sun comrade socks artist... lifting his captain he fired, he launched the head o'er the ramparts, Dr. Bob, bobbing through the lifeboat air. Are you the rockets among Captain Two Seats, by the passengers and messengers red glare? They were pushing the leapt and shoved awake.

Desk-Gates slithered through the yes eyes towards the boat lowered by handed care. Take Joe Noise under the ropes and row, the captain Oh say. A third heard can you see his looked in. What do I want to thick tick easy toward? Going then naked hipesque and toothless. We'll  kink out the withered walk of a butcher sandwich. By the dawns crowd of deck chairs we launched an early light. There, said nothing, eyes rigidly in hysterical shoe. Teeth forward. Shovel a wedge of shot, hitting, rolling, shitting, trolling, soiling, tilting, toiling, silting, sitting, tilling, willing, wilting and scrambling. Rambling automatic, he ordered. Let as, the cry, some were, let go! yelled a hand side knife, a rose boat knife, bloody into the gun.

Oblique stern. Dabbles limen. Parsed excellence. Allied dice. The sailors feverishly bath tar tooth. Swimmers that swamp at thorn bath. Oh banner yet news showed disaster. Say wave graphed finger, said Miss Finger. O'er the land of the hippos were tanks.

jim leftwich

emptiness without a container -- jim leftwich

emptiness without a container

"Surkov’s philosophy from the first was that there is no real freedom in the world, and that all democracies are managed democracies, so the key to success is to influence people, to give them the illusion that they are free whereas in fact they are managed. The only freedom in his view is “artistic freedom”." --Richard Sakwa

When I project myself carefully there is no boundary or literature. Who is, in partial sphere, infected by left melancholia, neither particular nor unambivalent. Confirmed the fake capitalist intensity. Unity of accumulation is flexible and dismantling. Asserted dominant reasons for our ability to sense. To sense describes, scribbles, identity infected by the present. Deflect and seize analysis, fishing toward impotent logic.

Cultural subversion, ubiquitous desires, relics: percolates individual consumer-rituals ("we will sell you your identity") ("buy one, get one free"). The economic model of human interaction. The frozen economic model of human interaction. The economic obsolescence model of human interaction. The economic model of human interaction styles. The economic model of postmodern human interaction. The economic model of human neoliberal interaction.

Shunyata, "emptiness without a container" -- eyes are is. The ears, empty. Nose of translation. Tongues of heart. Bodies to the self. Minds empty of characters. Key into are all word negative news, to question the empty sky, a bird is released into an open wind.

Managed democracy when infected intensity ability analysis. The only freedom is artistic freedom. Managed I by unity to fishing. Democracy project left of sense toward. Freedom myself melancholia accumulation to impotent carefully neither flexible sense logic boundary particular dismantling scribbles. Freedom who confirmed the dominant present in partial reasons deflect and sphere.

Unfair to present refusal. Sustained unique dust attached exasperation to symptoms of a curious lucidity. Radical failure of the particular, succumbing, tilted than -- it[it]it, acutely critical pessimism of the will. Absorption without abstraction. Distinction this, and "is" very any. Stance maintaining a sincerely eternal collapse.

Reality-fits reinforce politicians float and escape a particular generative history. Brand of American if, them/his -- as when policy lies, unnecessary in dishonest mist. Most dishonest in unnecessary lies, policy when as this or them -- if American, of brand -- history is generative and particular. To escape politicians and float, reinforced reality fits what will again create empirical principles.

We a they create reality told our in the own which world reality invading about.

We you can create all study our of too own you and reality will that.

We was create pragmatic our destruction own they reality distinguish.

jim leftwich

we are potential and fishhook -- jim leftwich

we are potential and fishhook

Serve who spiders as possible. That spiders creating pleasure are fashionably environmental. Normally behind six context is useless to us as a lever. Signifiers form a system of outage and sour romanticism. About a word, and rightly so, of mind. Unusual fictional uselessness, indirectly conditional, processes the reader: multi-dimensional television precipitation, capable of ideas, experience concerned opposition.

Writing the moon -- coherent, irrevocable -- applies only to the writing (are we getting on with it, or are we marketing antiques?), filled with vocables filed under "reprogrammable" (proposed, seductive), networks protected by departure, in the corner of our daily word.

Ruins reproduce those who survive. We are simultaneously in a curated show and on a distant shore. Touched by signs in the night. While I am united by interpretive immediacy, we are potential and fishhook: communication is consumption. Glue. Circular insights coerce our primary steps. It is an old verb in another theme, commodity-hardened. As contemplated, the formal hybrids research the autonomy of our partitions. Investigate the windows, enact the doors, such appearances restricted to aspirations and promises of competence. Extreme grammar, cognitive and optical, provides the special farms of semantic bypass. Harms, tarn, firm, swarms, firn, forms.

"Collage should remain a critical-cultural method until a Critique of Collage is itself produced." --Steve McCaffery, in Core: A Symposium on Contemporary Visual Poetry (1992)

Flake scatters, grinding slicks.

Awakening from corporate commentary. Retold the misread unhinged, why not awaken from experimental description? Current and fragmented, self-rhythmic. Broken waves flow and play irreverent surfaces. Awakening why self-not from awaken rhythmic/corporate. From broken commentary experimental waves retold.

jim leftwich

Not unlike in seams the barbed wire fever -- jim leftwich

Not unlike in seams the barbed wire fever

True open zeal is especially symmetrical in customarily received invitations strings words configured as repaired seems to desire reluctant excesses of the eye. Rather than the centered reverse. It is not the outpatient of appearances curiously argued for the dustbin aside.

Not unlike in seams the barbed wire fever, tooth on a dime to do, penchant for distaste reluctant. If not cynical reason as practice, why not wanted which truth in the widest thing? The hinge of things. Hinge of wings. To binge on hinges. Wittgenstein, "the questions that we raise and our doubts depend upon the fact that some propositions are exempt from doubt, are as it were like hinges on which those turn." There is no such thing as genuinely nothing reworking writing in a vacuum of others who respond in the chances of the sea. "Soil queue ah, be, may blanch the furious estate, soup rune inclination, plank-cheese desperate peppermint..." Blooming less wind and ethic, a dozen whole pears, changed or rotten -- doubted -- neither to stir nor wound the fire, subsequent since and since.

What excludes foaming choice, plus memories of lemons pointing at the moon -- initial, included, incidental, intelligentsias, indifferent, it, I, is, if, idea, image, in, interesting, imprisoned, intersections, implicit.

Some perhaps ghost permeates unified, is. More predictable play and. More predictable play type. More predictable play genres. More predictable play distinguished. More predictable play implicit. More predictable play work. More predictable play awake. More predictable play gaps. More predictable play only. More predictable play dead. More predictable play familiar. More predictable play not. More predictable play and. More predictable play them. More predictable play what. More predictable play as. As experience. As an example. As my answer. As a question. As purgatory. As listening. As the deem. As with. As looking. Some similar sounds on surfaces.

jim leftwich

semantic beehives bent and sensible -- jim leftwich

semantic beehives bent and sensible

Effort clarifies dominion. At the fork of sources a sign is theater. Simultaneous echoes empty inheritance. More constrained than the heat of utterance, value extends convex to thinking, therefore meaning is quantifiable by design. Grapple the hand around continuous decipherment. Acrobatic messages, visceral dialogue, the leisure of cathedrals and curves. Romantic advertising had become reified, distilled, a gap in spiritual absurdity.

Gasp else is evidence.

Grasp the gaps.

Abstract practice represents autonomous language. Represer. Represern. Represen. Representat. Simultaneous only, quit by words, the purely pure still previously unnecessary. Diagonal upon the popcorn, the new show is a song, an eye-fire expires in solitary vibration.

Until glacial gelatin, exigent elf-sponge, materiality abbreviates the stark: list sigh ear rung witch tiger germ. Inherent readings deschooled by composition. Communal unable hinged the wine-form with weeds in ditch-digging beyond Antwerp and clerical dice. Estaminet gangrene disembarks. We voyage ecclesiastical reactions, semantic beehives bent and sensible.

jim leftwich

Empty and released, shading trajectory -- jim leftwich

Empty and released, shading trajectory

...proprioceptive cameo camouflaged squire credo menu divergent trapeze in cheese. In the corner of a sonorous fragrance, in the army of visual poets, traditions construe periscopes, quantity pending pretends. Linear affect aspires. A minimal infringement combs the visual. Spatula or spittoon, intervenes positron potato, the poached hat photographic valor -- apron, aspirin, longitude. Projectile meiosis vortex. Prosthetic astral stratified conduit verse pesto schematic refined ostinato materiality, raffish elevators, rakish grate parlance regaled, alterity niche in chains.

Counterfactual kneels piano phonetic privacy. Formica quiche. A competent stress, lateral arcana, coagulates. Parallel social attenuates ritual influenza. Conditional possibilities oatmeal semantic divulges invective marginal ottoman. Divide and vulgar the ragged plunge. Institute ambit modal realities. The public jello is always eveready communist. The public allotrope is always eveready scopic. The anscopic frame or view is more passive than the established idea of the idea, thus useful in that culture opposes the regime of another user. A moment exposes the gradient guava font traduced (in the province of the quest, the provenance, the vestibule of the poem), multimedia lamentable picaresque, directly missing potlatch. Sulks in the milk of a special tradition.

Is slipping, enclosure of the encyclopedia, across the poem-worms were collaborative and lasso. Endeavor at last to catch the visual complex complete. Cornered meat zenith zen. Discover the idea is a declaration of its embellishment. Cursive kinship with gestural and letteral. The lyric is either seamless or embedded in the poet. Any process, if it loosens perception, also unfolds array. Any strategy, if it discloses arrangement, also captures coherence. Empty and released, shading trajectory.

jim leftwich

Connections gather the what, jim leftwich

Connections gather the what

...found among the jewels, much therein a strata, mountainous whirlwinds and fire-spiders, circling the triangular wings. A flesh between fumes and oracle. Speaks the hidden exits. Was the gnostic serpent an early potion of gospel ejection? Spasm involuntary invisibility. Chance personified recedes into gold and sense. Scripture is suspicious of judgement. The mouth in other words. Virtues exist in empty tools. Qualifies manifest interpretation. Thinking in alien marks. The voice of sawdust expressed in planets. Enhanced chance, an invoice of voices. Choices encountered as memories. Elsewhere who, the wrong distance, maybe legitimate doubt similar to rings of knowledge. On and resembled certain, then reduced to thinking, as a face has ash or a mouth has dread. Their relation to causality can only be literature. Connections gather the what.

jim leftwich

Curled to become in kind, jim leftwich

Curled to become in kind

Like a wheat hat (splayed), many hinged characters vaporized, visual and quiet, the boot wind when it was sagging, gestural, the impact pink lawnmower-hewn, have already disks and tractors transmitted by the coffee grinder. Communication mutinies default. Private consequences rent our loss. Swollen patches, accidental with meanings, sample the beans thus meaningful to use, the "ides of competence" heretical differences, what else are their elements trained to hiss and hear?

Pen due lump bent to clothing on a rod, sagging gusts and varied egg gates, sane snort with the bee ride station canary, finally the bay of nets -- on which knee cycle tenders bundle chocolate milk witch circular signifiers, exactly Bible croquet demon sphere and duck lamp (duck map), foils the knobbed coffee wheel.

Real beans are cartoons shaken to the cube. We are round and see-through. Sprouting the surface distills the cure. Mistakes because instruments. What is the sound of your homemade startled hair? Curled to become in kind.

jim leftwich