Saturday, June 18, 2016

rawrenok #2

rawrenok #2


John M. Bennett, Cathy Bennett, Steve Dalachinsky, Nico Vassilakis, Matthew Stolte and Amy Irwen

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

poems, jim leftwich, from six months aint no sentence book 173

apron upon gear
he crop pro beholder trek
tangerine pie rats & blik
Mount Sewer Rat
by darkest research

tiara California made
a pizza say
cream chicken gizzard
yard-long morality

apron epon gior
hu crap pre biholdur trak
tengironu pae rits & blok
Muant Sewir Rot
bu darkest risourch

taeri Clufarnei modu
a pezzi soy
cruam chacken gizzord
yird-long muralety

they were wearing
the hoofs of

they were hearing
the roofs
of clarion

they were bearing
the horses
of clarity

they were beating
the horses
of calamity

phrase remains spite cate
syntactic transport
sibly the be

tion plural ward terpretation
The Numes this pallet-jack
farming rogations
once what
squeezed out of the poem

the ladder wordladders
letters litter
the lotter the lutter

the Luddite lottery

no larger picture longer
emerges or merges our
mergers from the foam
of units unlit juxtaposed
or posited

3. right-hand III
beep trembles saxophone
chimney acres kineme
mop goatly nibble
tooth rooster chaplin

3. ri ha II
be trem saxo
chim acr kin
mo goa nib
too roos chap

3. ght nd I
ep bles phone
ney es eme
p tly ble
th ter lin

mutagenics on the
snow ty hapha
previous encouth
thu cone pie
the possi therefc
foaming pith-teste
is a soggy spelling

he drunl
to take an oath
is combing the
the deshamanic b
beaming boom
broken bream
the introrse duct
armchair salamander
nouns evid are
words at
paper who, there
is a place on the right

capsize, sports fans lyrical
washboard negotiations
juxtaposed undo, maneuvers
hyperbolic rupt and wayward,
summary arguments disorganized
amid aromatic chapbooks, snaps
or rows the economies cryptic
on wallpaper wrappers cyborg
soup can calypso syntax snide
and scrutinized.

ca dlkip maze
peca bayo
ukiiti ori
oo ckiz
urit blaap
einia arka
maelensectdo abra

poison jelly
hive-posh thumbrelish