Sunday, May 01, 2016

jim leftwich, poem, from six months aint no sentence book 162

forceyx ente state play
a powe internati
peacc-nu witb lsta rocke
prominent many trees
are censored during the
caliper role priorities

in the power rat on
modernizatic stuve
at the industrial
eye, indicatior
conne na
can eye the revealed
in the tongue, 
single to toe tap
tooth, theories ox
plo politicat -- the
department of
defeatism on the
effecd is, the
problems achieve the
studies, which naf
negoti urbanizati
ru accomodati, ex
tlougght in tloughht,
thus a tablespoon
of power these strata
eye strata concave
concb the prereq
already considered
group piano production
porcupine ideologisf
who meander the muffins

the sliced muffins

multinatio and self-mange
discusse pruposes the
dolphins oppose inclux
against democracy on the
moon, would shift
existence, excess
however the
communist beans, is
reminisce notic
the trunk abo ubu

absolute absorbent

from the uncoiled onion
how do politics into
mud, a nostalgia for
the mud, voice
endangered indoct,
struct particip,
threw who rot wrought,
apparatchiks establish
their feats of fear,

obedience to pain and
panic, to analogies
and feet, to
economic phase-transitions
studious, stultified
elites puling
the tactics of work, no
challern mask
most muskghost tlloughtt,
popular content
realities music goat,
the undecided unite
on howling illusiom,
student intelle activ
actix relatiorrs halt
crepuscular creatine
climate of American
otters, lurked in
the soup-eye device,
community of
unless uncommon begins,
national split pea
indust industrial
indust we trust, our
rational potato/piano
tlouughts, propaganda,
in such overass mass
class intimida,
undressing the newly
mutated life-forms,
must become more
diverse warehouse
inha, [tloughghts]
toe/enzyme, pop ox
chang worlc rela
agent 1966 of who
mobili toe teeth
resp "restaurants
over totem/taboo"