Wednesday, April 20, 2016

jim leftwich, poem, from Six Months Aint No Sentence Book 161

it made a lofg logt
machine brimming
making it nmrr rr m
nor funkbubbling results
technolo aft taffy
pie in pieces

rhizoom mapping deciduous
duplex working
instru arrangen
tricktrack about doubt org
antipasto non-since
non-silence non-slice
gateway to
the highway of the

canonize the coat
to loot the stubble

four-rhoom musical otters

chantling breathboxirn
autotelic deprogramming ether

top fills still stops

soap or socks or soup
or sox our soak

in the resul arrangiri
rode the riddance
Rockies red

it is a vanished country. the
facts of things, but not uncommon 
foaming antlers breadth, drum
snowing Hailu Mergia, futuristic
rural nostalgia. they're used
ingredients, clapping straightforward
overall simple dandelion accordion
fueling the bass line spectrum. at
that beat you'll hear stomps and
meters ruining the polyrhythmic
furutistic furfal sotsalgia...

jim leftwich, poems, from Six Months Aint No Sentence Book 161

is a meaning reason toe 
plucking advand provic 

piano and too tools 
appliance instincts 
lunar rational concons 

prawn three trees
sun as well the as

useless Angus loot rim 
kite fruit oval fruitless
trim and swan-pome 

thumb theme tote mhara 
knot associa and iris

briefly the firefly 
form to a sleep 

spent bewitched with seenh sick is

sour symbols cease 
strayed sea verbal

meaning shit reason toe is a
mirror crap tooth
advand shit provic plucking

too crap tools piano and
instincts shit appliance
rational crap concons lunar

three shit trees
as crap well as
the shit sun prawn

Angus crap loot rim useless
fruit shit fruitless
trim crap and oval kite

theme shit tote mhara iris
associa crap knot and
thumb shit
-pome crap
briefly shit firefly the 
form crap to sleep a swan

bewitched shit seenh is
sick crap with spent

sources shit stayed several
symbols crap

meaning wood reason toe is a
mirror tooth head
advand wand provic plucking

too tools thread piano and
instincts wing appliance
rational concons out lunar

three stream trees
as well trout as
the floor sun prawn

Angus loot flame rim useless
fruit floor fruitless
trim and name oval kite

theme girl tote mhara iris
associa knot hair and
thumb ran
-pome air
briefly firefly wandering the 
form lands to sleep a swan

bewitched seenh gone is
sick hands with spent

sources stayed done several
symbols moon sun