Monday, March 21, 2016

jim leftwich, poem, from six months aint no sentence book 158

link rept obseved
back into a button
abbot applecore
even to exit by the
skin of our toes
proce mible America
storehouse cat
languages are
considerate and a
to intentional
playhouse finial
choice the main
contact mic of
modern knoll ledge.
io ki utv yubh rt
universal therefore
oi mji ui nuy crty
made appear
om noi ui byu t v rtc
hat. the
markers naked
conscious experiment
today since felt
grassy, garfish,
corn or bean, earli
definitions of time.
in suit of soup
by functional
asphalt interstate
highway poiesis
structural forklift
constellation, which
emitted this and
others, barge
stochastic pallet
jack, renew esoteric
corn-fed words
talking away as if
possible. scarcity
to communicate, the
reduction of which
coats the usual
metaphorical suspects,
logical butterfly exam.
critic size more fire
the hat. sensibility
is simpler and useful.
traffic rules the
greater achievements
of purpose. non-this,
non-that. results
variable. finds this
wise with experiments,
experimental doghouse
spot. less enough
for poetry means material.
oi mib crt kj uib
oimk juin b ig vu tfc
oim ui uby iju nub yvh
okm nui bohju  njnb yhu
kl jui bovu ohju b oyu
k pi njuouy b yuhoji
k kjob yhubbhj biu
statements such as who
in the field hopes both
scientific and spells.
it us is no use of the
toes to constellate
tension over
juxtaposition. a pure
coat of ideas.
imagination renews
esotericism in words.
positive sculptural
literature secretes
its own methods.
as poetry is especially
synthesis, the
combinations contain
the experiments. the
experiments select
the juxtapositions.
and the juxtapositions
depart through
minimal intuitions.