Sunday, February 28, 2016

poems, jim leftwich, from Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 155

amethyst wine blue chord
trout den mints curve
admiral sky tea pendants
no indent sap
ocean play bacteria
brine tic snarl
real time
peas pick ear bone
red precolonial
red disentangle
red crimp rack
candy red berry
lips fawn

encoded carp fuchsia flamingo
salmon costruction magnet
juniper path
shamrock mint basil lope pith
sage emerald
biscotti macaroon
urinal lung virus shelf
invasive hazelnut shortbread knots
grey pewter hatch
dove sow ticket cloud
silver took
coda flint amok

cahoots coal fossil floor
sable spider obsidian
err and lack spider
arbitrary yen pinch coal
soot metal
blush song rood salmon
on salmon
salmon pencil
cloven grape
text jam raise
mauve plum
iris orchid
magenta sangria
corn bumblebee

ordinary butter upaya
medal lion lemon
diode peppers fire
suitcase bronze rust
beast hey marmalade honey
gangrene antelope ginger carrot
cart amber carrot
apricot tiger
sandstorm Sasquatch fire cider
clear fir Sea
Stone spice Stone weather
cilia eggplant
seaweed crocodile

eye carob
dental floss sub-vocal
sweaty river
disciples lie frost pretzel
strings operate one porcelain modem
last rites eggshell Gobi coupon
unclear daisy crouton coconut
temenos to cut rice organelle
imagined impala sugar
oysters decide late Middle
English (in the sense ‘bring
to a settlement’): from French
décider, from Latin decidere
‘determine,’ from de- ‘off’ +
caedere ‘cut’
masticate nerve host embouchure
goat fire-sale to scale
bicycle wood
bread flume december piano
grey pet crucible
fossil tawny certainty