Wednesday, August 10, 2016

jim leftwich, poems, from six months aint no sentence book 184

airwaves who advertising
is a vacuum
working hat the void
pulls to silent ground
is a risk-knot
regic the enthusiast

mystery airwaves who advertising
is truth a vacuum
working hat desire the void
pulls to silent baffle ground
is a risk-knot thunderous
coordinate language raft
mind regic the enthusiast

airwaves holy who advertising
is an honored vacuum
working hat the discursive void
pulls to silent ground paradox
is a risk-noise knot
coordinates after endless
opposites structural incongruities
rationalize the enthusiast

nonsense who advertising
is a speech vacuum
working thunder the void
subverts to silent ground
is a risk rumbling-knot
incomprehensible glance
noisic revelations
dwell the riddles

airwaves who teaching
is a language-vacuum
working characteristics void
identifies divisive letters
is a consciousness/reality
ei eiieei eie eieieiieeiei
oooaooa aoaoaao o ao oaoaao
invisible the unnameable

mystery airwaves who (in
is truth one) vacuum
working hat desire (is void
pulls to silent baffle inscribed),
is a risk-tablet... thunderous
coordinate language/word,
redspending Light) perfect
mind regic the everything

airwaves holy who (who
is a silence, vacuum
working hat silence, discursive void
pulls to silent (is) paradox
is a risk-noise (invisible
symbol. after endless
opposites hidden, incongruities
rationalize the (ee o)

nonsense who  aeae aea
is a  eu eeu eueue vacuum
uiui uiu  u thunder the void
subverts to silent uuo u ou o
is a risk  i o iooiooi knot
incomprehensible eeieeie  iei
noisic  o eo  oe o eo  eooee
dwell the  auua aiia  oaaoa

langu'age who teaching
is imagmal language-vacuum
working burbl>ng void
identifies Jabtew letters
is a pssuot/reality
ei eiieei eie eveiywhere
oooaooa aoaoaao o ao wxaptured

reverent the unnameable