Sunday, March 06, 2016

poem, jim leftwich, from six months aint no sentence - book 156

journal imagination films with toe
instead imagination himself system termite
alternating absurdity passion pig nibbling
collaborative frightened passion
minimal dailiness nostalgic personal burning
sentence advantage personal
lunch wrestling the rhythmic reclaim
waking ashes musketeers reclaim
thing curved slums unforeseen selfmind
thing typewriters unforeseen
thing buttered verse silhouette penthouse
cattle pause parsed verse
sewing machine offices/pursuit cowboy gangster
continuously streets who pursuit
intervals was sitting tradition dyspeptic
mirror hallways on tradition the
limited scrambled rotting literature porch
cards in dingy the literature
brick saloons compartmental custom eating
handled construct happens custom summer,
metaphorical sketch which retail is
prepositional sketch a new lettuce
derange reverted periodical
reduced potato passage periodical realistic
material assemblage during intonation
rewrite our paper intonation aesthetic
connotative conversation, romantic prosody
apartment components schematic prosody soap
shifting bias thus prolonged stylized
self experiential prolonged precursor contours
choose find imitate vanishes Marxism,
remember vanishes coiled downstairs patio
drives structural learning, the simultaneous
long walk middle toe simultaneous density
fictional escapes ensuing mortality
is consciousness emerges the ensuing puzzling
lyrical reason, newspaper lyrical class war.